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By Mary Kay Voss
Mill Creek resident 

Guest View | It just keeps getting worse


Last updated 7/24/2020 at 10:21am

Gee, I hate to mention this, but the City of Mill Creek is at it again.

Not laying off employees in the middle of the night, with no notice, or getting another lawsuit thrown at them.

No, they have decided they need a new website.

Yes, the request for proposal (RFP) for the website went out just recently. I thought the budget was in trouble. I thought they were laying off long-time employees to save money. I thought they were trying to balance the budget. I thought they already have a website, and it functioned pretty well.

What the hell is going on? They do not need to spend any money on anything that is not essential to survival right now. By the way, this will be the third web design since 2015. I don’t know anyone who pays to have a new web design done every couple of years...when the current one is functioning, and when money is super tight.

I remember when a budget crisis hit in 1999, and they had to do priority budgeting (remember that?) and they eliminated the flower baskets that hung around town. They were a cost of $15,000, and not essential. (That is when I got involved and raised from private citizens the $15,000. The following year we used another $15,000 to buy the summer banners that still hang every year.) Where is the priority budgeting process now? Oh, well, that probably got thrown out with the annual employee evaluation of the City Manager (because that really wasn’t needed, or was it?)

This council is amazingly inept. They have made such horrible hiring choices, they have cost us millions of dollars in double pay and payoffs.

Why are their meetings only available by audio to the audience? If the county council could hold a public hearing with 450 on Zoom, and allowed 100 to speak (all who signed up), then the Mill Creek City Council could have Zoom meetings and the public could actually see them, rather than just hear them. And, the public would be allowed to comment, and be seen by other participants. How much would that cost? Call Zoom... costs are only a couple of hundred dollars a year. EASY and cheap if what you want is transparency.

But then, this council doesn’t really understand transparency. Oh, about that budget? Why is the City of Mill Creek spending $2 million on legal fees? Yes, you read that correctly – $2 million. Why? What are they doing to incur that kind of legal costs?

The lot of them should be fired for malfeasance and mishandling of our tax dollars. We pay the highest sales tax rate of 10.5% (tied with Mulkiteo). Our city is circling the drain. The council continues to ignore critical issues of governance. I suggest you go back and think about when this dark period started.

Do a little research and see who was elected right before that. People of Mill Creek, please open your eyes, and demand that our city government start paying attention to us, the citizens, and taxpayers.


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