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Can I stop Social Security if I go back to work? | Prime Living

Dear Savvy Senior, I lost my job last month because of the coronavirus crisis. With little savings, I've been thinking about starting my Social Security benefits early to help me... — Updated 7/24/2020

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for concussion | Prime Living

There's quite a bit of attention currently on the effects of repetitive concussion, which can lead to post-concussive syndrome and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is... — Updated 7/24/2020

Practical tips for caregivers facing a pandemic | Prime Living

Whether your role as a caregiver has you looking out for an elderly relative, children or both, chances are good that you've worried about how the COVID-19 pandemic may continue to... — Updated 7/24/2020

Make a Donation

The Beacon has been part of your community for nearly 30 years – covering your world – and we intend to continue doing so for many years to come. But like other small businesses slammed by the coronavirus pandemic, we are... — Updated 7/24/2020

Editor's Corner | Folo: Employee saved from layoff, outcome of public records requests

The term “folo” is a bit of journalism jargon, and it just means a follow-up to an earlier story. We have several folos to share with readers. Employee saved from layoff After the emotional rollercoaster that was the July 7... — Updated 7/24/2020

PUD offers assistance to customers struggling to pay bills

If you’re struggling to pay your bill from Snohomish County PUD because it is much higher than expected, help is available. Some Mukilteo residents have been surprised by bills that are double or more the amount they are used... — Updated 7/24/2020

City's plan for CARES Act funding highlights marketing opportunities

Mill Creek Finance Director Jeff Balentine has suggested multiple ways of using federal CARES Act money to help COVID-19 recovery efforts, including everything from air filters... — Updated 7/24/2020

City has spent nearly $1 million on legal fees this year alone

The City of Mill Creek has spent nearly $1 million in legal expenses so far in 2020 and is expecting to spend more than $2 million in the current biennial budget. The City has... — Updated 7/24/2020

Remember to vote in the primary, Tuesday, August 4

As if 2020 wasn't jam-packed enough, another election day is coming up. Voters will decide Aug. 4 which candidates will advance to the general election in November. Besides all... — Updated 7/24/2020

Is it culture shock? | Prime Living

The Return 3:45 a.m., our hosts Monique & Bernard drive us to the train station and escort us to our train in the Lyon-Par Dieu station. They kiss and hug us goodbye, Bernard... — Updated 7/24/2020

Chuck's World | Chasing Chevy and other July memories

The calendars are just mocking me now. And they’re everywhere. My computer monitor. My phone, my tablet, my fitness tracker, my car. My microwave. Every appliance in my home, in fact, seems to know what day it is, and they... — Updated 7/24/2020

OK Boomer, OK Zoomer: Scandalous music of the generations

Publisher Paul Archipley and Mill Creek editor Emily Gilbert are at opposite ends of the generational gap. He is a Baby Boomer; she is a member of Generation Z. In this regular feature, they share their thoughts on issues of the... — Updated 7/24/2020

Darn Wright | Bonding through self-quarantine

It could be said that self-quarantine in our abodes can be a time where we have nothing to do, and all day long to do it. But this idea was broken when my wife, Karen, came up with the idea to invite our 12-year-old... — Updated 7/24/2020

Mayor's Corner | Looking at the months ahead

Mill Creek is planning ahead for Phases 3 and 4 of the state’s reopening plan. Virus update I was hoping we could sneak into Phase 3 before our virus numbers went up. We didn’t make it. We might not make it to Phase 3 until... — Updated 7/24/2020

Guest View | It just keeps getting worse

Gee, I hate to mention this, but the City of Mill Creek is at it again. Not laying off employees in the middle of the night, with no notice, or getting another lawsuit thrown at them. No, they have decided they need a new... — Updated 7/24/2020

Scandalous music of the generations

Paul: Hey Emily, I happened to catch a re-run of the fundraiser “A Concert for COVID-19 Relief” the other night. The telethon megaconcert featured a bunch of big-name Northwest musicians, including Pearl Jam, Brandi Carlile... — Updated 7/29/2020

Everett Public Schools to start 100% online in the fall

Students in Everett Public Schools will be 100% at home in the fall, Superintendent Ian Saltzman announced in a letter to families today. "At this time, we plan for our students to begin the 2020-21 school year in a 100% remote... — Updated 7/29/2020

High school football moves to spring as part of changes in prep sports calendar

The governing body for high school sports in Washington has called an audible. The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) announced on July 21 several major... — Updated 7/24/2020

Summer camp on your computer?

As the long weeks of quarantine continue with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Mill Creek has offered virtual recreational programs to combat the boredom of long hours of isolation that residents can access from the... — Updated 7/24/2020

44th LD State House Kartak Vote Seattle

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