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Prime Living: Keeping What’s Really Important


Last updated 1/16/2019 at Noon

Garden Court is located near Silver Lake in Everett. The community welcomes both independent seniors and those who need a little daily assistance.

For everything you keep, you lose something else. If you keep a toaster on your counter, you inevitably lose free counter space. Many people keep more than we need and more than we can use. Not only do people keep possessions like knick-knacks, but often people keep a clunky, worn-out car while ignoring far easier ways to get around.

It’s easy to think that a car is important – when really what’s important is being able to get where you want, when you want to be there. Sometimes, as much as we love our possessions – and there’s nothing wrong with being sentimental – holding onto things can hold us back. It’s easy to think your current possessions will enable you to live with all the freedom, joy and independence you want. But maybe there’s an easier way.

The Problem with Keeping Everything

Simply put, keeping too many possessions can contribute to dangerous situations. Keeping items on floors is a trip hazard. If possessions are crowding your house, this might be a fire hazard. At the very least, a shelf full of knick-knacks takes much longer to dust than an empty shelf!

At some point, many people inevitably face the idea of downsizing. Maybe it’s getting hard to navigate the staircase, or maybe the house is too much to maintain.

If you cringe at the idea of leaving your house and parting with some of your possessions, you’re not alone. Many people want to keep their hobbies, decorations, and more. You’ve worked hard your whole life to acquire all these things, so what could you gain from getting rid of them? Well, you might gain the freedom to live a fuller life, enjoy hobbies, make friends and make memories.

Keeping your Hobbies

It’s easy for anyone to hang on to equipment or accessories for a hobby they haven’t done in years. Maybe you’re waiting for a day when you have time and energy to pick that hobby back up again. Maybe you know you won’t use that baseball equipment from college, but it’s fun to keep for the memories.

It’s OK to keep a few of your favorite items that mean a lot to you, but remember that doing your favorite activity, or talking about the memories, are more important than keeping all of those items. What if letting go of some of your possessions could allow you to engage in that hobby again?

At Garden Court Retirement, residents can enjoy painting, sewing, knitting, billiards and a wealth of other activities while our staff takes over the burden of home maintenance. For some, their baseball days are behind them, but sharing their memories with other residents who love the sport can be a lot of fun.

Keeping your Lifestyle

For some people, entertaining was a huge part of their life. They have beautiful dishes, a dining room decorated to the nines, recipes for delicious foods, and they want to carry on these traditions. They also think that entertaining requires them to keep their kitchen, even when they have days where cooking becomes difficult.

YOU are what makes your dinners and get-togethers truly special. If you only kept one set of fancy dishes, your guests would still remember your events as being amazing, and you being the best host or hostess.

For people who choose to live at a retirement community such as Garden Court, they’re able to entertain even more. At Garden Court, residents can enjoy dining rooms available for gatherings, an activity room equipped with a huge kitchen to prepare your favorite recipes, and the apartments at Garden Court come with full kitchens.

Not having to do as much grocery shopping or dish washing makes people enjoy hosting their friends even more. At Garden Court, there are events with food for friends and family to attend.

The More You have, the More You have to Clean

Living in a big house with a lot of space can mean giving up a better part of your day for cleaning. People view a big house as their biggest asset, yet keeping it and maintaining it can cost more than most people realize.

It costs a lot of your time to clean and decorate. It costs money to buy cleaning supplies and home-goods. It costs energy that you could have spent doing something you enjoy instead of maintaining your house. What if you could enjoy a formal living room, dining room, library, billiards room and more without being responsible for its upkeep? At Garden Court, you can.

This year I challenge you to keep what’s really important, whether that’s your hobby or passion, your independence, or your enjoyment. Moving into a retirement community could give you a little assistance, a lot of fun, or both.

At Garden Court, housekeeping, dining, transportation and entertainment are included in the rent. Join us at Garden Court where we take care of most housekeeping and cooking, so you can do what’s important to you.

If you have a clunky, worn out car, let go of overdue oil changes and getting gas on cold days. Let our driver take you where you want to go, when you want to be there. Call us at 425-438-9080 to see for yourself.


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