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New, scientifically designed socks bring comfort to your sole


Last updated 7/18/2018 at Noon

VoxxLife insoles are scientifically designed to bring relief to people suffering from various neurological disorders as well as improvements in their well-being, from less pain to better balance to greater range of motion.

When Stan Esecson set up his booth at this year’s Waterfront Festival in Edmonds, passersby were intrigued by his presentation about these new scientifically designed insoles and socks that have been improving balance, especially in the senior population, along with improved performance for athletes.

But perhaps the most interesting exchange occurred when an amputee walked by. Stan explained how his product could instantly help improve the man’s balance and strength.

He asked the man to take off the shoe on his remaining foot, and did the same “tipping test” that he uses on everyone else. As the man stood upright, Stan gently pushed him from the side and, not surprisingly, the man nearly toppled over.

Then Stan said, “Step on the insole” and they repeated the test. Try as he might, Stan could not budge the man.

“You should have seen the expression on his face,” Stan said. And, not surprisingly, he wanted some. Adding a little levity to the encounter, the man asked if he could have an insole at half price, since he only needed one. “I gave him a pair at half price, and I gave him an extra pair free; he was a veteran.”

Voxx Bliss insoles (they make special socks, too), manufactured by the Canadian-based company VoxxLife, are scientifically designed with a proprietary pattern of neuro-receptor activation points. Sounds complicated but, it’s actually very comfortable, very affordable, and easy. Just change your socks.

Based on 45 years of study in neuromuscular science, Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) has built on a wide spectrum of research – ranging from chiropractic neurology to reflexology to neuromuscular dentistry – to develop socks and insoles that have brought relief to people suffering from various neurological disorders and balance problems, as well as providing improved performance for athletes.

Anyone who’s tried reflexology, acupuncture – even foot massage – understands that there’s a connection between nerve endings in the bottom of their feet and other parts of the body.

Esecson, who recently moved to Edmonds, said, “If you think about the human body, it’s electrical, nerves are sending electrical signals to your brain, which figures out which muscles to move, how much, when, and with HPT, we’re enhancing some of those signals.”

Since launching his business in April, Esecson has been talking with everyone from the average Joe to professionals in fields ranging from podiatry to physical therapy to chiropractic and neurology.

He’s attended conventions across the country, and shared his passion locally. At a recent expo at the Crista Senior Living community, he demonstrated the products’ benefits to residents still healthy and active as well as those in walkers and wheelchairs.

“We ran out of product,” Esecson said. “It has been a phenomenal ride.”

VoxxLife founder and CEO Jay Dhaliwal, of Ontario, Canada, first became interested in neuromuscular science when his mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Delving into the subject, he discovered researchers around the world had been studying the science from various angles, but no one was “connecting the dots.” People would conduct a study, file the results, and move on to study something else.

“Nobody had put together the pieces,” Esecson said. “But, thinking of his mother, Jay was determined and said, ‘I’m going to figure out how to improve the quality of her life.’”

Dhaliwal’s first invention was a bite guard that helped people suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, which can be intensely painful; it helped improve balance as well.

His current project, the VoxxLife socks and insoles, is the culmination of research that identified the touch points in the soles of the human feet. Those neuro-points are encoded, like a fingerprint, into the Voxx products.

People with MS, Parkinson’s, balance issues, diabetic-related neuropathy and other neuromuscular disorders are finding relief simply by wearing the socks or adding the insoles to their shoes.

Esecson was skeptical. “I’m an idea guy,” he said. “Fortunately, I’ve had enough good ones to pay for the stupid ones over the years.

“But when a friend called and urged me to look into this new product, and I asked him, ‘What is it?’ When he said, ‘It’s a pair of socks,’ I started laughing over the phone. Then Esecson tried them. And had his then 93-year-old mother try them. Seeing was believing.

The more he looked into VoxxLife and read reviews by people who tried the footwear, the more impressed he was.

And they’re not just for people with neuromuscular issues. Athletes are jumping on the bandwagon, too, discovering performance improvements, increased energy, more endurance, faster recovery and other advantages.

Among them is three-time world figure skating champion and Canadian Olympian Elvis Stojko, who said, “As you can imagine, with skating, balance and power are crucial.

“I was amazed at the increased range of motion and power I have the moment I put on these socks. I won’t skate without them, in fact I wear them all day on and off the ice.”

Esecson had a gleem in his eye when he mentioned, “One of the most famous universities in the U.S. is bringing in our products for their football, basketball and volleyball teams. It’s a Division 1 school. I can’t tell you who it is until September, but we’re shooting videos and interviews in a few weeks. Just watch what happens”

For people with health issues, VoxxLife footwear has several advantages over other treatments. No side effects, no changing your diet or lifestyle. Think about it, just change your socks.

VoxxLife footwear comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. To date, the return rate is less than 1 percent, another sign of success.

Priced from $30-$45, the socks are available in a range of colors and styles, including short (no show), mini-crew, standard crew and knee-high. High quality fabric and manufacture ensures they’ll hold up well.

Insoles are $45, about the same price as a well-known brand at the drug store and way less expensive than custom insoles. But really, there is NO comparable product anywhere in the world.

With the 30-day money back guarantee, there’s no reason not to try VoxxLife. “Be as skeptical as you want,” Esecson said. “See it with your own eyes, feel it with your own feet”

Recently his passion for this product has been enhanced even more, and became personal. Three weeks ago his 94-year-old mom fell, broke a hip and, unfortunately, only lasted a week after surgery. “I want to help reduce falls. It’s a major fear and problem, especially for the older population. Everyone with feet can benefit from this product.”

VoxxLife Socks identify the touch points in the soles of the human feet.  People with MS, Parkinson's, diabetes-related neuropathy and other neuromuscular disorders are finding relief simply by wearing the socks.

For more information or to order VoxxLife socks or insoles, contact Stan Esecson at 206-209-2441 or email Learn more at They’ll bring comfort to your sole.


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