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Natural beauty makes Mukilteo great | MukFest


Last updated 9/6/2017 at Noon

Sophie Thompson

Editor’s Note:Sophie Thompson, 9, a fourth grader at Mukilteo Elementary School, is the runner-up in Beacon Publishing's eighth-annual Mayor for a Day essay contest. Read her essay here.

Mukilteo is a great place to live. It’s beautiful and fun, though the thing I love best about Mukilteo is the nature, especially in our beautiful parks.

Animals, trees, plants, water, bugs and rocks, even! It doesn’t matter to me; I love the nature.

One reason is because it is important. For example, bees pollinate flowers when pollen sticks to them, and spreads each time they land on a flower! Also, frogs, spiders, bats and ladybugs eat bugs such as mosquitoes, aphids and flies. Some spiders, like daddy long legs or cellar spiders, even eat other spiders!

Not only is nature helpful, it’s also cool to look at. Like, some rocks can have some really spectacular designs.

I live right next to a park with awesome animals, like Barred owls. My dad, younger brother and I see them sometimes. It also has bats. We see them sometimes flying around.

I also live near a park called 92nd Street Park. It has two ponds and they both have frogs in them. One of the frogs is huge!

I live near the Mukilteo beach; it’s lots of fun! I like to go there early in the morning when the tide’s out so I can see the animals, like fish, shrimp, eels, sea stars, crabs and more. I also like to walk on the dock; sometimes we see fish, jellyfish or big crabs.

I love Mukilteo and its parks, and I want to make sure the nature stays safe.


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