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No City Council escape clause


Last updated 10/7/2016 at Noon

A permanent Emergency Medical Service Levy (tax) in August went out on the ballot, and the voters came back with about a 5 percent margin answer. “No everlasting taxes on us.”

Yes, this was a permanent tax, which our seven fiscally conservative councilmembers wanted us to give them permission to, figuratively, have an open-ended ability to withdraw on the voters’ Visa cards.

The voters told them, “No, we are not going to open up our wallets eternally, so you folks would not have to commit political suicide by raising our taxes.” Our returned vote should be clear to those we voters hired as City Council members and as watchdogs over our city. So please, our policy makers, listen to the vote: “Our ‘Visa card’ is not an open and infinite way for you to withdraw our money!”

By trying to hide this permanent tax in their Proposition 1, this governing body thought they could con us into passing something they themselves would not willingly pass. Nor would they let any company have that much leeway into their own Visa cards.

What a cop-out on the part of those seven residents of our city! Why can’t they do their own dirty work? The answer is clear. These councilmembers individually and collectively know it is wrong for them to pass any permanent tax.

The everlasting tax failed, but apparently this is not stopping our “fiscally conservative” city leaders to abandon their taxing idea. Can it be they can still be seriously thinking about putting this eternal auto “Visa” withdraw once again on the ballet? But, of course, this time they want our input so they can use our words against us. Our statements will help them develop a better way to bamboozle us into passing their open checkbook levy.

The question is, will we the voters also realize it is wrong for our councilmembers to make any tax permanent; therefore it is also wrong for us to vote to let this happen?

One technique these fiscal old liners can use to go around their open-ended levy is to have a longer than necessary sunset date. But of course, they will give us, let’s say, a four-year ending period; however in reality they really only need two years. So Mill Creek residents need to be on guard to that ploy.

Darn right, now who on our council would come right out and tell their constituents: “I am voting for a permanent tax on you?” Yet, this is what they were trying for us to do to ourselves.

Please, all you policy makers, read our voters’ vote: “No permanent taxes allowed!”

Also comprehend, we will not give our Mill Creek City councilmembers any escape clause. Which would be: “It wasn’t us fiscal conservatives who passed that perpetual tax. It was the city taxpayers who did that to themselves. So do not blame us for this non-ending tax!”


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