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Mother Nature paints a masterpiece


Last updated 10/7/2016 at Noon

Leaves are nature's food factories. According to the website Science Made Simple, plants take water from the ground and carbon dioxide from the air, and use sunlight to turn the water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose – food. As days get shorter, trees "know" to begin getting ready for winter, shutting down their food-making factories. The green chlorophyll disappears from the leaves, and hidden yellow and orange colors, which have been in the leaves all along, are revealed. In some trees, like maples, the glucose is trapped in the leaves after photosynthesis stops, and the sunlight and cool nights of autumn turn this glucose into a red color. The brown color of trees like oaks is made from wastes left in the leaves. It is the combination of all these things that make the beautiful fall foliage colors we enjoy each year.


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