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Step back to go forward | Darn Wright


Last updated 1/15/2021 at 12:24pm

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Take some time away from complex problems, in order to spur a relaxed state of mind that leads to problem-solving.

"Just sleep on it." Now what immediately pops into your mind?

"Just sleep on it" was advice we all must have been instructed to do by love ones or friends when we had a problem or concern we were exploring. This age-old guiding rule was reinforced after I read the Harvard-trained Happiness Researcher Shawn Acher's article in recent "Success" magazine called "Give your brain a break.'"

So are you having a problem finding an answer to a nagging issue? If so, how about adding "stepping back to go forward" to your long list of 2021 New Year promises? Just pack up your troublesome concern and push it into one of your brains many different drawers, and then psychologically just wander away from this energy draining distressing challenge.

Now after you are through shaking your head in disagreement and thinking how naive this advice is, let us together take a double-think about this golden rule.

It is a dateless known idea that a quiet mind allows one to have those creative epiphanies. To support this thesis, if these stories are true, when Isaac Newton was in a relaxed state, and sitting under an apple tree when a falling fruit hit him on the head, this gravity motion jarred his mind, and Newton began to formulate his law of gravity. Then another story goes it was the Father of the "Eureka", and Greek poly-mathematician, Archimedes, who while he was in a bathtub and daydreaming, came up with an answer to his puzzle of trying to figure out how to calculate the volume and density of water.

Einstein was working in a patent office in Bern, Switzerland, when a "breakthrough thought" came suddenly to him. He was drifting off thinking; "If a man falls freely he would not feel his weight." This simple mind game helped lead him to linking accelerated motion to gravity, thus he birthed his theory of relativity.

When we put ourselves in a state of relaxing this "avoidance" time often lets our unconscious mind take over. Now with this problem-solving tool in mind, it greatly helps to step back from your obsessive concern and let your unconscious mind – what I will call a "transformer" – help you come up with a solution or solutions. In other words, it helps to psychologically walk away from your energy-draining issue. When you step back and let your transformer go to work, there is a high likelihood you will probably have your "Eureka" moment. This lightbulb glow will then allow you to go forward in your ability to take charge of your haunting situation.

Unlocking your hidden mental resource hinges on taking time to not think about your challenge or problem in order for you to receive those delightful and refreshing "aha" moments. As Achor wrote; "our greatest 'aha' moments occur not when we are working nonstop, but when we stop working."

Fight your desire to get your answer right now. Step back from the question and you will probably be surprised on how fast and easy it was for your transformer to give you answers. It's believing and trusting in your own unconscious mind that it will give you answers even though your conscious mind could be telling you that you are not smart enough to find an answer.

The next time you are feeling like you're a gerbil in a mental circular exercise running wheel, pull yourself away from this orbicular thinking tunnel. Wind yourself down by turning to a hobby, going for a walk, take a bath or just relax under a fruit tree, and let your transformer just drift into the clouds. As we now know, there's a lot of information that one can retrieve from the clouds.

Darn right, start this 2021 year with a resolution that you will trust your mind's mighty transformer to help solve your problems; and then step backward so you can step forward.


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