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Hypocrisy revisited | Darn Wright


Last updated 10/16/2020 at 4:24pm

It will not surprise me there will be lot of raised eyebrows and some highly questionable thoughts and some of you will probably put down or even throw down this Hypocrisy revisited Darn Wright article.

To refresh your memory in my March 6, 2020 Darn Wright article I noted I had read about a World War II GI who wrote a letter home from his foxhole about the hypocrisy of many of his military leaders. This “grunt” advised his family members he has continuously witnessed his officers saying one thing and then they would sneak around and do the opposite of what they said. In the letter he blatantly came out and said “…he was fighting for ones right to be a hypocrite…”.

Almost daily since my “Hypocrisy is as American as apple pie” article was printed I found myself witnessing, reading or watching the news and sure enough there in front of me were examples after examples which the foxhole entrenched GI pointed out to his love ones.

Hypocrites can be defined as “as persons who gives a …false appearance of virtue or goodness, insincere, unfaithful since their words do not match their behavior…” and they immediately dismiss any challenges to the person’s inconsistent and unreasonable arguments.

In support of this stance there are many who are preaching that we must have a law and order agenda and this stance must be the center piece when it comes to running our country. Nevertheless, these same keeping the peace preachers see no mockery as they violate the state laws having to do with social distancing and the law which order us to wear face mask.

A group with this clan’s anti-mask movement were deliberately violating our law, which had the backing of our epidemiologist and other medical researchers. These scientists who are glamorized, for their work towards finding a vaccine are also demonized for their findings that the best ways to stop the spread of this human invading microscopic body snatchers is to social distance, cover your low face and continually to wash and use other hygienic hands methods.

Those violators so bold in their not complying with a governor’s law and order mandate that they seemed to be saying, “to heck with the majority common good. We know what is best for the common good and we will not abide, in fact we are resisting this unconstitutional order.”

By way of an illustration a large group met in the open to support their candidate but when a voice, over the load speaker, advised this law and order group that the state’s government has mandated social distancing and face covering many of these “law and order” supporters booed the announcement and continued refusing to comply with that law and order mandate.

In their case these not so law and order Americans were only doing their hypocritical American thing; that being. “I will support law and order only when the law and order does not violate what I consider to be law and order.”

Another occasion I personally witnessed, and which again illustrates American right to be hypocrites, happened on August 29. I was a member of a group who was supporting the Bothell Police officers. Our group was there to show our solidarity in thanking our law enforcement community and to show them we appreciate their willingness to put their lives in harm’s way in order that we will not be in harm’s way.

Yet, I had to shake my head as I witnessed to many of the men in our “We support police and law and order” who were not adhering to law and order to social distancing and to wear a face covering.

We were there to support our law enforcement officers. It crossed my mind do they not know COVID-19 has led to the highest number of officer’s death since that infamous September 11 day?

I left this pro police gathering thinking those anti-ordnances clan who figuratively were yelling. “You can’t push us around, because we are telling the majority we will push you around!” Do “those people” really believe they have a right to protect the virus’ desire to continue to destroy or kill their host, which of course is we humans? Now isn’t that a thought!

Darn right, when you see one of your fellow American’s not supporting our society’s law and order pandemic mandates, then with your mask on smile at them because they are just showing their American exceptionalism to be a hypocrite.


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