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By Paul Archipley
Publisher of the Beacon newspapers 

Publisher's Desk | Together we can win

Series: Coronavirus | Story 48

Last updated 4/8/2020 at 12:36pm

Scared. That’s a word being confessed everywhere, by husbands to wives, children to parents, patients to doctors, workers to coworkers, strangers to strangers.

We’re scared.

How could we not be? We’re part of a moment like no other in modern history. We’re battling an enemy against which we have too few weapons. It’s indiscriminate, and people are dying, young and old alike. And yet. Good people are stepping up – healthcare providers, first responders, leaders (some) from city halls to the nation’s capital and, yes, our family, friends and neighbors. Heroes, every one. Despite facing our own possible illness – and, yes, even death – we do it because we have to, we want to, we refuse to surrender. And we have faith. We need faith.

Here at the Beacon, in our part of the world, we’re with you. Our job has always been to tell the stories, to shine a light on our shared experiences, to help turn strangers into neighbors, to turn a town into a community. And despite the challenges we’re facing now, we’re determined to continue doing that job.

It won’t be easy. Like everyone, we’re tightening our belt, big time. Everyone at Beacon Publishing is taking cuts in pay or hours. But for now, at least, no one is being laid off.

Beginning in April, we’re cutting publication of our newspapers in Edmonds and Mukilteo from weekly to twice a month. The Mill Creek Beacon will stay on the same publication schedule. With so many businesses shutting down, advertising revenue has taken a big hit, and there are fewer places to distribute our newspapers.

But we’re maintaining and increasing coverage of our community with daily updates on our websites, and we’re expanding our social media presence where many people today get much of their information. In doing so, we want to help them be better informed, with truth rather than rumor, facts rather than fiction.

For newspaper aficionados who still love print, there are still plenty of places to pick up the Beacon, and in neighborhoods where home delivery is offered, your neighbor’s kids will still drop the Beacon on your doorstep. (Although they work for tips, for their own safety and yours, they won’t be asking for donations until the crisis has passed.)

But if you can’t find a copy, you can enjoy the Beacon online in both our web format or regular newspaper format, your choice. Full access is available for just $2.95 per month. Please support local journalism.

Of course, without advertisers, we couldn’t do our job. So please support them, too, and tell them you saw their ad in the Beacon. Like us, they’re struggling. Like us, they’re your neighbors. We’re all in this together.

Yes, we’re scared. But we’re resilient and brave and, as many are proving, heroes, too. Together, we can beat this enemy, and we at the Beacon plan to be here to tell the story of that victory. We believe we’ll come out on the other side, not only victorious but stronger. And better. Together.


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