Mill Creek Law firm combines quality legal work, community connections


Everyone knows a lawyer joke or two. They’re easy targets.

But nearly everyone will need a lawyer at least once in their life, and when that happens, there’s nothing funny about it. Clients will be looking for the best representation they can find.

After all, the law is complicated. Superior legal counsel is paramount.

It’s no surprise, then, that the attorneys at Mill Creek Law have grown a formidable law firm since its founding in 1986. Established as Marsh Mundorf & Pratt, the firm’s founders focused on combining quality legal services in a wide range of the law, along with a strong commitment to the community.

Jeff Pratt, one of Mill Creek Law’s founding members, said much of their work for the average person is family, consumer and business oriented. Since he and other founding members have been practicing law for more than 30 years, they have built relationships with clients, many of whom started out as small business owners themselves, built their companies, and are now handing their businesses off to their children or other successors.

Mill Creek Law also has brought aboard younger attorneys who are continuing the firm’s commitment to quality service as well as investment in the community through service clubs, professional organizations and other volunteer efforts.

However, Pratt and fellow long-time attorneys Bill Sullivan and Terry Mundorf continue to practice law, too. Co-founder Doug Marsh, who Pratt said was key in developing the fabric of the firm’s commitment to law and community, as well as “a great guy,” has passed away.

Pratt focuses his practice on Real Estate, Business Law, Real Estate and Estate Planning & Probate. Sullivan focuses on Divorce & Family Law, Mediation and Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury and Litigation. Mundorf focuses on Public Utility Law.

Patrick McKenzie, a firm shareholder who joined the firm in 1991, focuses on Real Estate, Business Law, and Estate Planning & Probate. Karl Hausmann, a firm shareholder since 2004, works on Personal Injury, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Business Law and Construction Law.

Ryan Neale, a firm shareholder since 2017, practices in the areas of Business Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning & Probate, Elder Law and Public Utility Law.

Danielle Pratt – yes, she’s Jeff Pratt’s daughter – joined the firm in 2017 and became a shareholder in 2018 and focuses on Elder Law, Guardianships, Estate Planning and Probate, Personal Injury, Litigation and Dispute Resolution and Divorce & Family Law.

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Jenna Lieske, the team’s newest member, joined the firm in 2018 and focuses on Divorce and Family Law, Personal Injury and Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

All of them practice law because of a desire to make a difference and positive contributions to the community they love.

“This is the type of business where you really have to like what you do,” Pratt said. “A lot of the areas can be tough.

“You’re dealing with death, with split-ups … It can be discouraging, but very rewarding, too.”

That’s part of the reason Pratt and his partners are so focused on involvement in the community. Pratt is a charter member of the Mill Creek Rotary Club. He and McKenzie are past presidents, and daughter Danielle Pratt is the club’s current president.

Various members have also been active in other Rotary Clubs, the Economic Development Council, Sno-Isle Skill Center, chambers of commerce, numerous bar associations and other service-oriented organizations.

“You’ve got to find a way to give back,” Pratt said. “It’s good for business, but it’s really rewarding to be able to give back to the community.

“It’s the hands-on stuff that’s the most fun,” he said.

Their formula for success has paid off in life-long friendships and, not surprisingly, constant referrals.

“Our primary source of business is good word of mouth,” Pratt said. “When you need an attorney, you should ask somebody, ‘Who do you trust?’”

Of course, sometimes – such as divorce – there’s going to be some unhappiness, Pratt admitted. People are coming to you at one of the worst times in their life. In those and other stressful cases, Mill Creek Law’s attorneys focus on helping the client to cope and manage expectations while working toward the best possible outcome for the client.

“Sometimes you’re as much a counselor as an attorney,” Pratt said.

It’s common knowledge that legal help can be expensive, too, but Mill Creek Law’s mentality “is to serve the client well, charge a fair price and build relationships,” he said.

It adds up to solid evidence that, when you need legal expertise, Mill Creek Law is worth a visit or phone call. No joke.

Mill Creek Law is at 4220 132nd St. S.E., Suite 201, Mill Creek, WA 98012. Call 425-332-2000 or visit them online at


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