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Last updated 6/7/2019 at Noon

The same California company that plans to build almost 400 workforce apartment homes above a sprawling commercial complex in the northeast corner of Mill Creek included cash incentives to offset the impact from the additional population and traffic along 132nd St. SE.

Vintage LC, based in Newport Beach, has entered into an interlocal agreement with the Everett School District (EPS) that will pay the district almost a half-million dollars for the additional students expected to attend public schools within the city. The firm has also agreed to pay more than $1 million directly to the city of Mill Creek to offset expenses that will be absorbed by services provided by the city for the estimated 6,112 trips that that will be added to the busy arterial on a daily basis.

The extra trips mean more wear and tear on public roadways and the need for additional police and services from City Hall.

According to information provided by the city’s Public Works and Development Services, the residents in The Farm will generate 392 trips across driveways during the morning commute and another 565 each weekday evening. When fully occupied, the new businesses could add another 3,620 trips per day.

The developer agreed to pay the city $1,098,000 to the city to offset the extra volume of vehicles on SR96.

The development is also expected to add 73 seconds to the normal delay at the intersection of 35th St. SE and 132nd as well as 22 extra seconds to the delay at 39th Street, according to figures released by the department of public works.

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Vintage has already paid $465,924 directly to Everett Public Schools.

A spokesperson for the school district was quick to add that EPS has not have the authority to regulate development that could impact the already crowded classrooms.

The recent report submitted to the superintendent by a boundary tasked with exploring opinions to reduce enrollment at Jackson High and Heatherwood Middle School included data on the proposed revisions to traffic on the busy arterial, according to the district.

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