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Prime Living-Sponsored Feature: Complete dental care all in one office at 19th Avenue Dental


Last updated 3/20/2019 at Noon

Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi believes in giving his undivided attention to each patient at 19th Avenue Dental. Constantly expanding his knowledge and skills, as well as offering the latest in dentistry technology, he can treat most patients “in house,” often all in one visit, too.

Over the last 50 years, the human life span has increased rapidly. We used to think of people in their 60s and 70s as old. Now, however, it’s common to find many seniors living an active, healthy life in their 80s and 90s.

Our oral health can play a significant role in our longevity. Keeping our teeth healthy allows us to maintain a healthy diet. Healthy teeth are necessary to properly chew and process our food, which in turn aids in the digestion of our food. Those of us with healthy teeth tend to have fewer digestive issues.

Research also shows a link between periodontal disease and heart & vascular disease. Because the bacteria in our mouth travels through the blood stream to the heart and brain, it can contribute to a heart attack or stroke. Periodontal disease also causes bone loss. If untreated, it can result in the loss of teeth due to the lack of bone structure that is necessary to support the teeth.

We all naturally have two sets of teeth in our lifetime. As children, we have 20 teeth commonly known as “baby teeth” from around 6 months through about age 6. At about 6 years we start losing those teeth and we get 32 new “adult teeth.”

In 1935, the average life span was less than 50 years, but now it is more than 80 years. Since most people lose teeth due to decay or periodontal disease, it’s more important now that we maintain our teeth so we don’t outlive them. It would be wonderful if we could grow a third set of “senior teeth.” Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The GOOD NEWS is, with all the advancements in dental care and technology, we can prevent most of the associated problems with regular checkups and cleanings or periodontal treatment.

Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi at 19th Avenue Dental is a strong believer in the prevention of oral disease, and recommends his patients be proactive with regular visits to his Dental Hygienist, Kellie. Together they work, like a tag team, to keep his patients healthy. Kellie keeps them clean, and Dr. Yamaguchi restores or rebuilds them as needed.

Because he stays on top of the latest in dental care techniques, and equips his office with the most advanced technology available, 19th Avenue Dental is usually the only office patients will have to visit. Available dental technology includes 3D dental scanning, digital x-rays, painless anesthesia delivery, and free nitrous oxide.

Unlike many dentists who have to send out work for labs to complete, Dr. Yamaguchi can do it right there at 19th Avenue Dental, including all-ceramic crowns, dental bridges and implants, periodontal treatment, root canal and tooth extractions, and full mouth reconstruction. Often, needed care can be completed all in one visit.

People looking for cosmetic dentistry also will find what they want, including dental veneers, teeth whitening and smile makeovers.

For those people who have already suffered the loss of teeth, Dr. Yamaguchi can now replace them with dental implants. It’s like growing a new tooth! A traditional fixed bridge is also an option, or if several teeth are missing, they can be replaced by partial or full dentures.

Dr. Yamaguchi can create beautiful, precision, partial dentures. They are different from the traditional partial dentures that show a silver metal clasp when you smile. Many people complain that the traditional partial dentures pinch and are uncomfortable. The precision partials actually attach to a fitting on the abutting teeth, which makes them more stable, and there is no visible hardware.

“People think dentures don’t work,” Dr. Yamaguchi said. “There have been so many bad experiences.”

But thanks to advancements in dentistry, and to Dr. Yamaguchi’s extensive, ongoing efforts to keep abreast of those advancements, he is able to fit dentures of all kinds that require little if any adjustments and, above all, work well.

When Dr. Yamaguchi meets a patient for the first time, he does a comprehensive exam and develops a personal treatment plan to meet each patient’s specific needs. Many people only need a cleaning, while others need anywhere from fillings to extractions and prosthetic replacements of teeth. He will give multiple options when possible to allow his patients to choose the option they are most comfortable with.

At 19th Avenue Dental, patients are treated one at a time, receiving the undivided attention of Dr. Yamaguchi and his staff.

“I don’t like mass production,” he said.

He also makes himself available at all hours for emergency, every day, if necessary. For him, dentistry isn’t an avocation; it’s a vocation he loves and practices with enthusiasm. There are no golf games or other pursuits luring him away. “Dentistry is stimulating enough for me,” he said.

They accept all major insurance companies, including Aetna and Delta Dental, and will assist patients with affordable payment options.

Please visit his website to learn more about Dr. Yamaguchi, his office and staff, and the state-of-the-art technology he utilizes in his practice. You also are welcome to call and speak with his staff regarding any questions or problems you may have.

19th Avenue Dental is at 10217 19th Ave. SE, STE. 203, Everett, WA 98208. Visit them online at or call 425-385-8130.


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