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Politics is personal for Jared Mead


Last updated 6/15/2018 at Noon

Twenty-seven year old Jared Mead was ready for the question he knew he would have to answer when he began knocking on doors in the 44th Legislative District.

Mead quit his full-time job as a legislative aide to First District State Sen. Guy Palumbo (D-Maltby) in March to launch his campaign for a seat in the state assembly in Olympia.

“This is not about ambition,” Mead told The Beacon. ”I have a vested interest in making sure we manage our growth better over the next 25 years than we have in the past.

“I do not want my wife teaching in a portable and I don’t want our kids taught in overcrowded classrooms.”

The savvy politician knew he would be unable to find solutions for overcrowding at Jackson High School or the property tax burden on property owners in Mill Creek as a member of the city council.

The campaign has been his full time vocation for more than 90 days, knocking on doors and ringing doorbells for six to seven hours every day at homes from Mill Creek to Marysville.

Two factors weighed into Mead’s decision to run for a seat in the assembly. The first was the defeat of the school bond levy. The second was the chance to represent the residents of the 44th District and not the politics of a single political party.

Mead will be the only Democrat for Position #2 on the August primary ballot. He is assured of a face-off with Republican incumbent Mark Harmsworth in the general election this fall.

“My opponent has voted against measures that would have benefitted residents of our district and sided with his colleagues in the Republican caucus who represent the interests of Eastern Washington,” Mead said. “It’s also important to remind the Democrats in Olympia that Washington is a lot more than the City of Seattle and the issues in King County.”

Harmsworth is the only Republican to represent voters in South Snohomish County. Democrat John Lovitt serves in Position #1 in the assembly and Steve Hobbs represents the region in the state senate.

Mead said he would like to be representative for the diverse population that live along State Hwy. 9.

“Politics is local,” he explained. “That’s what makes this opportunity so exciting. If elected, I would be tasked with representing a melting pot of people with different issues and concerns they look at government to help solve.

“Voting strictly along party lines does not work in the 44th.”

Mead said residents of Mill Creek are upset about the number of portable classrooms at Jackson High.

There are currently 17 portables at Jackson. The defeat of the bond levy means that Jackson could have as many as 30 portables within five years. As of now, the district plan for the portables would be to have them located on what is now the student parking lot, the tennis courts and the JV athletic fields.

“There are solutions worth exploring before we begin to impact the quality of education for children growing up in Mill Creek,” he said. “It is not simply voting in favor of the largest tax increase in state history that places an undue burden on residents of South Snohomish County without any reasonable return.”

Harmsworth voted against the best interests of his constituents in the 44th District, Mead said, by following the Republican line against the transportation bill that would have eased both congestion and commute times.

As the challenger, Mead said he has been pleasantly surprised with financial support he has received from people he has only met while knocking on doors.

“Some people want to give me money while we are talking, others have gone online to make substantial contributions almost immediately after I walk away.”

Mead said he has outraised his opponent through individual contributions from friends and family.

“This is not about me,” Mead concluded. “It’s about creating a brighter future for our community.”

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