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Don’t let their memories die


Last updated 5/17/2018 at Noon

They served and laid down their lives so the rest of us could continue to have our USA. On Memorial Day, May 31, TAPS around the world will be bugled in remembrance for well over 1.5 million US military personnel who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Being one of the 7 percenters who dared to serve our country in one of our five Armed Forces I not only heard but deeply felt the TAPS that were played at the end of the 2017 Mill Creek’s Memorial Day’s recognition.

After this short but sad final tribute I began to think about all those men and women who Gave Their All for theirs’ and our beloved freedoms. Yet, I really didn’t have any inclination about how many wars, “police actions” or conflicts we have been involved in.

Then further reflecting on this final salute the phrase “Out Of Sight Out Of Mind” came flashing into thinking. But I didn’t stop there since I wanted to know more about the number of American’s who have been KIA (Killed In Action) and way to many of these are also classified as BNR (Body Never Recovered), while in the service of our county.

With this curiosity I began searching for information regarding our military’s death toll, but later added Missing In Action (MIA) stats, during some of our “popular wars.”

As I looked further into this death rate I found that when we include our Revolutionary War our military have spent 214 calendar years out of our short 239 years of existence in some type of war! This means the USA has had 20 years of peace.

I was going to only mention just a few of those Wikipedia’s “US military casualties of war”, but after searching through other websites, military history books, articles and I found the KIA’s and MIA’s numbers were not consistent, so keep this in mind as you read over what I have tabulated.

The KIA and MIA numbers in previous wars and conflicts in all likeliness are way low because the numbers represented the only approximate KIA and MIA Americans who died in the service of the Red, White and Blue.

Our history records for those who were KIA or MIA overall have to be guesstimated and this is due to various reasons with some being;

  • That science was not as sophisticated as it is now (DNA), There is now our military code of “No man being left behind”.
  • Back then we didn’t have the more sophisticated rescue mechanisms as we do today.
  • There is the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of fighters who are classified as BNR since they were buried without any identification on who the patriots were.

With our long military history and sorry to say we have too many forgotten wars or conflicts and here are some statistics from some of those forgotten martial exploits.

  • The Quasi-War (1789- 1800) KIA 42 and 556 MIA
  • First Barbary Pirate War (1801-1805) KIA 42, mostly sailors, and 138 MIA
  • War of 1812 (1812-1815) KIA 13,283 and 695 MIA
  • The Frist Sumatran Expedition of 1832 KIA 11 and 13 MIA
  • Mexican-American War (1846-1848) KIA 13,283 and 238 MIA
  • The Cayuse War (1847 to 1856) KIA 74 and 115 MIA
  • The Rogue River Wars (1851-1856) KIA 39 and 51 MIA
  • The Yakima War (1855-1858) KIA 293 and 126 MIA
  • The Opium War (1856-1860) KIA 39 and 51 MIA
  • Coeur d’Alene War of 1858 KIA 160 and 96 MIA
  • Spanish-American War (1898) KIA 379 and MIA’s 72
  • The Boxer Rebellion (1900-1901) KIA 204 and 335 MIA
  • The United States occupation of Nicaragua (1927-1933) KIA 290 and 449 MIA
  • American Expeditionary Forces Siberia (1918-1920) KIA 52 and 380 MIA
  • Red Cloud’s War (1866-1868) KIA 100 and 226 MIA
  • The Ghost Dance War of 1898 KIA 64 and 99 MIA

Darn right it is said that those who have “Given Their All” are not dead until we the living let their memories die.

May we never forget!


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