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A mother’s influence is now and beyond


Last updated 5/3/2018 at Noon

Another year is passing by and once again it is getting closer and closer to the day we think about the influence of our mothers. The author Mabel Hale probably hit the nail on the head when she described, “Mother’s possesses a power beyond that of a king on his throne.”

As I can attest to that no matter where a mother is we are always carrying her in our pre-conscience mind.

Then with Hale’s truism and although my beloved mother’s body died on May 5 in 1989, her spirit often speaks to me using her Southern commanding Oakey drawl: “Chuck Orval, don’t do that!” When she does speak those commanding words I drop what I am doing, then I immediately start to smile and politely answer her: “Yes, mother”.

I’ll assume, like most children, we just go on with our belief that motherhood is nothing remarkable. Moms are just moms and they are supposed to always be there with their unconditional love.

But then at some point this ho-hum non-descript mom becomes “My beloved mother”. She is once again our mothering person who rocked our cradle, sang songs to us and read to us from our favorite books. But she is also the one who developed our never escaping “motherly” conscience.

Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 13. So we should start to focus on how we are going to pamper our beloved mothers. There is a axiom that no matter if our beloved mothers are in her bodily form or in her spiritual form, on this recognition day we should make the time to honor our beloved nurturer.

After my beloved mother died it wasn’t hard for me to write her epitaph and then have it installed above her resting place.


OCT. 16. 19___

MAY. 5.1985



It’s easy to see the full birth year of my childhood protectorate isn’t complete. This being the case I can “hear” those who stop to read my beloved mother’s bronze plaque; “Didn’t they know their own mother’s complete birth year?”

My imaginary response to these fictional people is; “Yes, I do. But because of her unrelenting southern dictate of “I’m comfortable middle age!” and not wanting anyone to know her true age, I purposely left off the last two numbers from my beloved mother’s tribute.

After discussing my mother’s praise worthy words, I wondered what descriptive words were left at the gravesite of other beloved mothers. With this question in mind I was motivated to search out and find some answers.

Deciding not to completely rely on my “Google,” I explored some mother’s inspirational tombstones, which I found in the southern part of our Snohomish County. When I did find one that caught my attention I would mediate on what the author(s) had scripted about their beloved mother.

My thoughts were often turned from a thinking mode to the immediate feelings of sadness and a strong longing for my own mother. Yet, then too many joyful remembrances would move into my consciousness and I would feel a warm glow throughout my body.

Here are a few of the many thoughtful beloved mother praises I found.

  • “When she had passed; it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music”

  • “She gave so much and demanded so little.”

  • “She concealed her tears but showed her smiles.”

  • “She appreciated every moment
  • because she knew she might never
  • be able to experience it again.”

  • “Her arms were always tender as we slept in them.”

  • “Death leaves a heartache

No one can heal

Love leaves a memory

No one can steal”

  • “Mom you held our hands for a while but you held our heart forever.”

  • “Beloved Mother and a Giver to Disadvantaged Children.”

  • “You Were Loved by Many and Loving to All…Live Laugh Love.”

  • “We will hold dear our memories of your smile

And adventurous nature

Forever in our hearts.”

  • “Ever giving never taking”

Darn right, after reading those love ones voices hopefully you will find many of these homages mirroring the attributes your beloved mother had or has? Then above all make sure you verbally share your “Thank you mom for being such an influential person in my life”


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