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City council chip seals the deal


Last updated 8/17/2017 at Noon

It was the leadership from many of the Wildflower and Mill Park Village Divisions residents that finally caught the attention of our city manager and our seven city councilpersons! Due to these residents and voters involvement our council, without acknowledging so, admitted they were wrong when they let the cheap street chip sealing happen.

What is chip sealing? In my DarnWright column on April 21, I described the temporary solution as, “A rocky decision for the leadership of Mill Creek.” I explained that a “chipseal technique, or asphaltic surface treatment, is supposed to be a low budget way to doctor-up the damage done by the weather, or more often by cars and by trucks which are driven on low traffic volume roads. The deteriorating roads are then covered with layers of asphalt with one layer being made from crushed rock pebbles.”

The city’s leaders where the ones who started this disastrous situation when they took a short cut in order to show that they can save their taxpayers some money. Their apparent goal was to skimp on really fixing some neighborhood rickety road problems. But their conservative outlook is now dancing in their faces.

The skimpiness by our council individuals has so far lead to another $250,000 being withdrawn from the city’s budget. And this is just the start of money flying out of that budget. The financial director is expected to withdraw another $230,000 so the $250,000 fix can be torn up in the summer of 2018! This fix the fix is so some engineers will be able to remedy the “immediately” needed underground storm water pipes aging problems!

At one of the latest council meetings a large body of constitutes vocally made it plainly clear to our decision makers that their chip seal approach was a complete failure. The residents explicitly advised the council members that their non-patch work did not stop the dancing rocks nor did this cheap restoration repair their streets.

To get out of the council’s quagmire on what should be done to fix their mistake this august group let those at the council meeting tell them what they should do to make those residents content. Those voters advice was to pay out the $250,000 to fix their streets. Then in less than a year-and-a-half or so tear up this repair in order that the “immedately” needed storm water pipeline problems can be corrected.

The council accepted the community’s solution and then with the unanimous council vote they sealed their deal with the Wildflower and Mill Park Village Division residents.

Even though our council’s and our city manager’s DNA is all over their erroneous thinking they are now trying to deflect their blunder onto the Snohomish County workers. It was reported in a local paper “City staff blamed shoddy workmanship by Snohomish County and have been seeking a solution since.”

But their end run statement, “Now it wasn’t us who did this it was the county workers” stance should have alerted Mayor Pam Pruitt, who is a close subordinate of our Councilperson Terry Ryan, to ask her boss to step in and do something about this so called county’s despicable patch work.

If she did intervene then there was no mention of this, but I will assume she will address what Terry did do for his and our city in Pam’s upcoming newspaper accomplishments articles.

When Pam and Terry do solve this county’s unacceptable dancing rocks patch work, I believe they both should put in their “Re-elect ME” brochures on how their actions will lead to this chip sealing faux pas to never ever happen again.

Darn right all residents of Mill Creek must give a BIG “Thank You” to both Bundie and Allen Olsen for their community activism. And we also need to thank all those Mill Creekers’ who spoke out against the city’s leaders financial and street repair mismanagement.


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