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State contributes to 35th Ave improvements


Last updated 4/21/2017 at Noon

Thank you to Senator Steve Hobbs for putting another $750,000 in the State Transportation budget for Mill Creek’s 35th Ave project. This really is a regional project. With an estimated $6 million price tag, every extra dollar helps!

Senator Hobbs called me out of a meeting to ask if we could use the $750,000. That was one terrific phone call! He also talked with City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto who knew just how Mill Creek could best use the money.

Is this a done deal? No. It also needs support in the House where representatives have other priorities. Then the $750,000 must be included in the final budget that probably won’t pass until June. Then it needs to be signed by the Governor.

Regardless of the outcome, thank you to Senator Hobbs for watching out for the needs of his constituents and his continuing help on this regional project.

Spring caution

People are outdoors working in their yards and leaving their garage doors open. It’s very easy for a thief to park at the end of a driveway and be in/out in 60 seconds. These people are pros and Mill Creek is a juicy target.

We need to watch out for our neighbors. If you see someone or something suspicious, please call the police. Let our officers do their jobs. e.g. MCPD has caught mail thieves because someone called to report a strange car by the mailboxes.

If your vehicle has been prowled don’t just say ‘there is nothing they can do.’ Let our police know. They can increase surveillance in your area. There may be a fingerprint that provides a clue. If you don’t call, it’s 100% the thief will get away.

Don’t want to call 911? Then call the non-emergency number: 425-775-3000. Don’t worry about taking time from a “real” emergency. Your call will be prioritized.

We all understand being embarrassed or not wanting to be a bother. If you won’t call to help yourself, please do call to help your neighbors. Let’s make Mill Creek the wrong place for bad guys to do their business!

Open House

The current City Hall Building was first dedicated in 1989. I had the opportunity to work with former Mayor Ken Long on the design. His professional, architectural knowledge was priceless. While we planned for natural growth, we did not plan for so many annexations. Fast forward 25 years and we’ve outgrown the original building.

In 2013 there was talk of building a new city campus but that was fiscally irresponsible. We owned a 15,000 sq ft building and a 32,000 sq ft building. Surely we could find space that we already owned.

Then Rebecca came on board, recognized the problem and began working on a new space design to allow our staff to better serve our community. Thanks to Rebecca and the support from our staff, the City saved $8.9 million in planned capital spending and improve customer service. Thank you all for a job well done!

This monthly column by Mill Creek Mayor Pam Pruitt focuses on issues important to residents, as well as offering insight on the City Council’s actions. It reflects the personal views of the mayor and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the other members of the council.


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