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Trainers keep your eye on your goals; healthy aging is result


Last updated 3/29/2017 at Noon

Studio 373 trainers Kelvin Thomas, left, and Dan Allen with a body scanner that measures several areas of your body and calculates your BMI, then creates an exact Avatar of you.

Remember that New Year’s resolution you made a couple of months ago, pledging to eat better and get back into shape? How’s that working out for you?

Don’t feel bad. Poor eating habits, combined with a busy lifestyle that gets in the way of good intentions, aren’t unusual.

That’s why many are turning to trainers to help them set reasonable goals and keep on track.

Kelvin Thomas, owner of Studio 373 in Old Town Mukilteo, trains all age groups, from high school and college athletes to retirees, adjusting workout and nutrition programs that meet each person’s individual needs.

It’s his older clients in particular who are discovering newfound energy, new eating habits that make them feel better instead of bloated, even a smile when they put on that old pair of pants from the back of the closet that they never expected to fit into again.

Thomas and co-trainer Dan Allen treat clients as partners – a partnership in which coach and client reach for attainable goals together.

Part of the challenge, Thomas said, is overcoming the instant gratification mindset that drives us today. People jump on the latest fad diet, or buy the latest exercise machine, forgetting they built the body they’re living in over a long period of time. “The instant gratification approach is all about getting dollars out of your pocket,” Thomas said.

The results are predictably poor: your weight yo-yo’s up and down; you suffer unnecessary injuries trying to do too much too soon; you get discouraged, give up and head for the couch.

Studio 373 – a “boutique” gym – takes a different approach, focusing on slow, progressive changes that will keep you on your plan.

It is stocked with a variety of equipment you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. For example, there’s the Real Runner, a torque machine that Olympic sprinters train on, but that an 80-year-old can safely use with less resistance to strengthen glutes and quads. There’s a rope trainer that athletes use to develop stability, but older clients also can use to rehabilitate a damaged rotator cuff.

There’s also equipment to help you strengthen your balance, increase your agility and build core leg strength, including balance disks, wobble boards and Bosu balance trainers.

Studio 373 also has a VacuStep cellulite reducing machine – an elliptical trainer in which the lower half of your body is inside a vacuum chamber and, in a short time, produces results similar to liposuction, but without the surgery.

They have a Fit 3D scanner that takes several body circumference measurements, giving you a starting point as you work with your trainer to focus on the areas where you want to see improvements.

But it’s not all about going to the gym. At Studio 373 they will take videos of you exercising, videos you can later access from home or, in fact, wherever you are.

Thomas has clients who are away several months of the year, but who can continue to train with him via online support. You can access your exercise videos, and hold regular video conference calls with your coach.

“I have clients in Maui part of the year that I work with while they’re gone,” Thomas said. “That way, I can still keep people on track, and you have access to person-to-person training at reduced rates. (It’s a cost effective way to stay motivated and reach your goals.)

They also will work with you on a meal plan that helps you break old, bad habits and develop new, healthy ones.

“Fitness is about progression, not perfection,” Thomas said. By staying on a program your trainer has developed with you, you’ll discover over time that seemingly small changes are actually having a significant effect on your body and health.

For older clients, regular exercise and good eating habits keep you young.

“Age is a mindset,” Thomas said. “When we tell ourselves we can’t do things, then guess what? You can’t do them anymore.”

Approaching 60 himself, Thomas recently added to his workout routine, doing 60 pull-ups a day. “They don’t have to be all at once,” he said. “Five here, five there. If you have 10 minutes, you can do a lot.

“And if you do that every day, not only will it help you stay strong, it gives you a feeling of esteem. It’s energizing, it helps make you more productive during the day.

“And if your day is more productive, you’ll have more energy to spend time with your family and friends.”

Revisit that resolution, but this time enlist a trainer to help you keep it.

“It starts with a phone call,” Thomas said. “Some people think, ‘I have to get in shape before I start working with a trainer.’

“The opposite is true. We start your workout within your abilities, then it gets more challenging as you progress. Everybody is different.” At Studio 373, people initially come for the great workout that they expect; they come back and bring their friends and family because of the experience they received.

To learn more or set up a free body scan, call Kelvin Thomas or Dan Allen at Studio 373, 829 2nd St., #4, Mukilteo, 425-322-3354

Or go to to schedule a consultation online.


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