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Expanding the Electoral College


Last updated 10/20/2016 at Noon

It is time again when not “We the people” of our Democratic-Republic selects our president and vice president. Rather it’s when the Electoral College cast their votes and elects our nation’s chief executive officers.

Electoral College? Well, this is a constitutionally mandated institution where not the common woman or man votes directly for our Chief, but voters in every state separately choose an oligarchical group of intermediary men and women who then, on the 1st Monday after the 2nd Wednesday in December, choose our country’s number one and number two authority figures.

I often asked myself, “Why not have this institution, which our founding fathers came up with, right here in our state?” We can then just skip the voters in our own state. Then turn our voting powers over to those individuals who have been placed in this antiquated system and let them elect our state’s federal House of Representative and Senators.

There is a large group of constitutional conservatives who like this traditional scheme. I have been reading about those Electoral College supporters, and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone doesn’t start an initiative to have such an Electoral College (or to at least upgrade it to an Electoral University status) in our state.

The way our system is now set, the less populated counties, such as Lincoln, Pacific, Pend Oreille, Wahkiakum, Garfield, Benton, Okanogan, Klickitat and Asotin do not have a very strong voice in choosing who is going to represent our state in the other Washington, that being D.C..

Just think about how our system works now. The winner, who has the most popular votes, becomes the winner of the federal races. Now how unfair is this system? We all know our counties, such as King, Snohomish, Spokane, Pierce and Thurston, have the majority of voters. So this is generally where our federal candidates campaign. Why should the federal aspirants spend any time in those less densely populated counties, since there are fewer votes to be gotten?

Of course, an Electoral University system would be fairer since it would force the national candidates to campaign in all of our 39 counties. This system would also have the support of many framers of our country who lived over 225 years ago.

So where are our initiative gurus? Why are they not out there getting all those Electoral University supporters’ signatures, so our state’s constitution can also have an obsolete system just like our federal government constitutionally has?

You’re darn right, I do think the oligarchical Electoral College is an antiquated, cumbersome and anti-democratic system, and it should be replaced by “We the People” directly choosing our leaders. We do not need surrogates electing our presidents and vice-presidents!


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