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 By Mike Gold    Opinion


I’m sure we all remember as kids the night before Christmas. There is that unbridled joy and expectation when you go to sleep on Dec. 24. As I was an only child, I did not have the extra joy of having either brothers or sisters... — Updated 12/17/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

An off-kilter look at language | Off Kilter

I thought it would be interesting to look at our use of language that might need some clarification. Some of these observations are mine. Some are from notable comedians, such as... — Updated 11/24/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Our place in the sun | Off Kilter

From time to time, I get to thinking about how we all fit into the grand scheme of things. For many of us, a few key decisions (or opportunities) can set us on a lifelong path.... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

The College Reunion | Off Kilter

I recently had the pleasure of attending a college reunion. I won’t bore you with what number of years this one represented, however I will say that it seems more and more like I... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

How easy we have it today | Off Kilter

I got to thinking about how much easier our daily life has become, especially when compared to those who lived a few hundred years ago. Let's start with the very simple things in... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Great speeches in History | Off Kilter

So we heard an alleged “great speech” today from new president Biden. While it clearly is too early to be criticizing the new president, there were a few problems I found.... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Food for thought | Off Kilter

This week I thought I'd write about some of the greatest places to eat both East and West. I'll start in New York – where I grew up. To me, there is nothing more "New York" than... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Pattern Recognition | Off Kilter

If you’re paying attention, life has patterns in it. What patterns am I talking about? Well, my dad was a musician so I inherited some of this ability. In fact, music is nothing m... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Being an undergraduate college student | Off Kilter

For those of you who attended college, what you are about to read should be somewhat familiar. For those who didn’t attend college (and I mean sleep-away college, not a local... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

There's no business like show business | Off Kilter

Today I'd like to give you a brief glimpse into the world of show business. Let me start by saying there are few places or experiences on Earth that have the peaks and valleys of... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Insanity definitions | Off Kilter

Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." So what are some of these definitions? I’ll start... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

The great debate | Off Kilter

Well, I’m certain, no matter which side you’re rooting for, that the great presidential debate of this political season was a massive underwhelming and disappointing event. I... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Longevity | Off Kilter

A local guy that used to play tennis with us passed away last month. He had reached the age of 100. In fact, he played tennis until he was in his early 90’s (automatically... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

It never ends | Off Kilter

We all have our daily chores to do. I am always joking with my wife about whether doing our daily chores actually accomplishes something – or whether it is an exercise in... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Linda Ronstadt and other big star recording artists | Off Kilter

Linda Ronstadt was admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014 – about 20 years after she was eligible. Frankly, to me, this was an outrage. I think she should have been... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Fishing season | Off Kilter

This morning, and on a half dozen other days, we saw several hundred small boats moored just off-shore near our house. They were obviously fishing. The boats appeared to be... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

The insanity of gas pricing | Off Kilter

There are a lot of things that make perfect sense, economically. Likewise, there are a lot of things that do not. I got to thinking about this earlier this week as I read about... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Jerry Seinfeld is back, with a new show | Off Kilter

Jerry Seinfeld has been producing (and starring) in a “made for streaming” television program called "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," on Netflix. As if Seinfeld needed any... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Home tools and appliances | Off Kilter

This column will firmly establish me as a curmudgeon. Why? Because I’m going to complain about all the labor saving devices we have in and around our homes. Let’s start with... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Golf again! Hooray! | Off Kilter

May 6 was the second day of the re-opening of our Washington state golf courses. So of course, two of us ventured out to play 18 holes. First mistake, if you are going out for the... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Insanity | Off Kilter

The number of columns I have written is not really so interesting, but the things I’ve seen and heard while I’ve been writing newspaper columns really have, on occasion,... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Stir Crazy | Off Kilter

Okay, so how are we all managing with this coronavirus lock-down? For this family, rather well. My wife returned from Fred Meyer the other day with (wait for it!) toilet paper! I,... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Goosebumps and spectacles | Off Kilter

The word spectacle is derived from the word spectacular. How does one know you are witnessing a spectacle? Easy, first and foremost you should feel a chill or goosebumps. That is... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

The Academy Awards and other outrages | Off Kilter

OK, I’ll admit it right off the starting mark. I can’t stand the over-blown, over-exposed, over-anticipated ceremony marking the annual pilgrimage of the world’s greatest... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

The future of television | Off Kilter

Since the widespread implementation of the internet, many of the things that have been in our lives for 50 years or longer are undergoing a radical change. Television is one of... — Updated 7/6/2021


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