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Preparing for the storm ahead | Editor's Note

I'll be honest, it's been a rough past few weeks for me. The dreary weather certainly doesn't help my mood, and I can almost physically feel the weight of this season adding some... — Updated 10/22/2021


Welcome back, in-person classes | Editor's Note

It's school season again, and also the return of in-person classes. Though classmates will be looking a bit different this year, standing at an arm's length away behind masks, it's... — Updated 8/27/2021


Festival season is back, and we'll be there too | Editor's Note

It's finally festival season again. Missing out on the Mill Creek Festival last year was a huge bummer for us all. With things starting to shift back to normalcy, I'm glad to be... — Updated 8/13/2021


Did we learn the lesson? | Editor's Note

COVID cases are seeing a sudden surge in the Snohomish County, with dozens of outbreaks and hospitalizations so far in July. My biggest concern this time around is whether or not... — Updated 8/13/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Avoiding WTMI | Editor's Note

It's a weird time to be a writer. I automatically assume that you are not even listening. The reason I assume you are not "listening" is that we were already in the era of too much... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Sunshine | Editor's Note

Sunshine laws are regulations requiring openness from government agencies, and when one reads the state’s Public Records Act, it is clear what the focus is: opening the doors and... — Updated 6/11/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Laser focus – on fun | Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Where do you go for fun, from Mill Creek to area events? Do you have an event announcement? Send it our way to [email protected]. Ah, laser shows ... — Updated 5/29/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

The scam

I'm one of those bleeding-heart sorts. The kind who previously – no longer, but previously – would hand a $20 bill to someone standing on the side of the road with a cardboard s... — Updated 5/21/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

A clean shot | Editor's Note

So here we are in the spring, looking ahead to the summer; many of us wistfully aware that the re-openings and improvements we are seeing are uplifting but still somewhat tenuous.... — Updated 5/13/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Soap and soapboxes | Editor's Note

The soapboxing so common to the pre-pandemic era created a predictable pattern: All things in the past decade or more have been shoe-horned into camps on the left and right.... — Updated 5/7/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

The gaze

She stood eye-to-eye with me, her two behind her nibbling leaves and stomping through twigs that cracked under their feet. She held the gaze, and I stared back. Then came the stomp.... — Updated 4/30/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Lauding radioactive spiders

Radioactive spiders are my main point here. But first a talk of the hyper-vigilant era we are in; a time where being paranoid and germphobic has actually become a skill-set. Not... — Updated 4/24/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

The best revenge | Editor's Note

Revenge is for the weak. I cannot offer a claim that revenge has never crossed my mind. I understand the math of justice. When a wrong has occurred, we crave the right. We want... — Updated 4/16/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Tying homelessness together

Debates around homelessness waiver between the pulling of bootstraps or heartstrings – one side pushing for a reflection on what went wrong, another shining a light on what could... — Updated 4/5/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Home Stretch | Editor's Note

We are coming into the baseball season and the pandemic is being robustly addressed, so let’s go with a sports metaphor: we’re entering the home stretch. We can see the... — Updated 4/2/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

The Power of Outlets | Editor's Note

While visiting Archbishop Murphy High School the week of March 11, I had a moment to reflect on a three-pronged concept that shapes the culture, per my observation: a commitment to... — Updated 3/19/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

The online perk for public meetings | Editor's Note

I am about to partially tip my hand to hypocrisy while making a suggestion, in the interest of community connection being a thing. The end game is this: I want you to go to a... — Updated 3/4/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Community connection | Editor's Note

This Tuesday was a night to remember. Well, kind of. It was a meeting night for the Mill Creek City Council and also the Everett School Board. I “attended” both and that’s the... — Updated 2/25/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

No capes | Editor's Note

As a Mama, I know which jobs are the most essential: the ones that keep kids safe, happy and fed. Those rate at the absolute top. Everett Public Schools is hiring paraeducators. The... — Updated 2/12/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

More time at the office

The old adage is that no one ever said on their deathbeds that they wished they’d spent more time at the office. Harold Kushner is the source. He was a rabbi and accomplished... — Updated 1/29/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Hey, what's new? | Editor's Note

The past six months have been a blur as I reach out remotely, most days, and on others get to know Mill Creek at street-level, walking Town Center as well as the other pedestrian... — Updated 1/22/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Can you breathe yet?

It’s hard for me to avoid a metaphorical view of 2020 because I was a poet. To me, 2020 is a year that circles around oxygen and the fluid motion of waves, and 2021 is in the... — Updated 1/15/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

'Tis time to listen

‘Tis. On a Google search, the meaning of ‘tis sort of says it all. It is a common quip in Irish conversation, and it says nothing. It is simply a way to keep the conversation... — Updated 10/19/2020

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

A call to vote | Editor's Note

No, he couldn't win. Not with that comment about John McCain – decorated veteran and POW. Duty-bound American hero. Not with those other comments too icky to print – after he... — Updated 10/19/2020

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Moving toward better days | Editor's Note

Now that the skyline looks like a white sheet and breathing is difficult when walking to the mailbox, my outlet is abruptly removed. I run. If my mindset has moved between stressed... — Updated 10/2/2020


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