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 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Old Christmas traditions can bring merriment | Darn Wright

That are many different holiday traditions not only around the world, but for locals there are several right here in Mill Creek. And two of the big can't-miss ones are the lighting... — Updated 12/8/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Revisiting an earlier pandemic | Darn Wright

There was doom and gloom around the world due to the flu epidemic, killing more and more people every minute. It started in February and, by late November of 1918, the U.S. was... — Updated 12/1/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

An empathic and sorrowful understanding | Darn Wright

In 1990, November became Native American Heritage Month. A month where we acknowledge the culture, traditions, and achievements of the original inhabitants and their descendants.... — Updated 11/23/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

'Goody Two-Shoes' took children seriously | Darn Wright

From Nov. 24 to Nov. 30 is National Book Week, and with this in mind, who of us has not heard the saying "goody two shoes"? Today, those mildly derogatory words are defined by the... — Updated 11/16/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Drivers: Keep lights on for safety | Darn Wright

Driving west to an appointment on 128th Street SE and in a foggy area, I noticed all cars but three, all white ones, had their lights on. I knew the oncoming lights were on for... — Updated 11/10/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

No mail – low morale | Darn Wright

Those of us who wore an armed forces uniform know when the late evening voice came over the compound loudspeaker “mail call” smiles came to many of our faces. For those who... — Updated 11/3/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Navigating through the pain of pregnancy loss | Darn Wright

I will say right up front that this article may bring back some disturbing feelings. If so, consider writing them down or talking to someone. According to the American College of... — Updated 10/20/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Never throw gas onto a fire | Darn Wright

Since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, let’s talk about ways to de-escalate a potentially aggressive situation. While serving my pre-retirement years and long before... — Updated 10/12/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

No mandate to have nine Supreme Court lawyers | Darn Wright

“Oyez, Oyez! Oyez! All person having business before the honorable Supreme Court of the United States are admonished to draw near and give their attention, for the court is now... — Updated 10/4/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Who's mentoring artificial intelligence? | Darn Wright

Although it seems to be a common gospel that anything is possible, James Madison wrote in The Federalist in 1789 that, "As long as the reason of man continues fallible, and he is... — Updated 9/22/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Is music a key? | Darn Wright

Editor’s note: This article references suicide. If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. You can also call the network,... — Updated 9/8/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Not Mill Creek | Darn Wright

Once again, there they were. Newspapers with bold headlines degrading real estate ads in which those entrepreneurs were trying to envelope our city’s prestigious name into what I... — Updated 9/8/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Grief: The poignant pain | Darn Wright

That poignant pain is around us and, sad to say, within us all. The great American composer Irving Berlin (1888-1989) left us with many memorable songs, and this thought: “The son... — Updated 9/1/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

'Little accidents': Choosing your own colors | Darn Wright

Salvador Dali was right on when he preached: "A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." After reading the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)... — Updated 8/25/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Pickleball providing economic boost to Puget Sound | Darn Wright

At the opening ceremony of the Lower Woodland Tennis Courts at Woodland Park July 26-30 Seattle Pickleball Open Tournament, the emcee brought big smiles of pride to three Mill... — Updated 8/18/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Two home runs from one pitch | Darn Wright

With our youth getting excited since school starting soon, it's time to think about those unused and somewhere packed away musical instruments and what to do with them. Well, here... — Updated 8/11/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Develop your mental fitness: Get involved | Darn Wright

Besides being physically active, it's wise to snack wisely, take deep breaths, and eat lots of foods such as veggies, nuts, whole grains, legumes, and fruits. Of course, do not use... — Updated 8/4/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Going up, going down, on Leavenworth roller coaster | Darn Wright

Last month, when tickets went on sale, my daughter was at her computer and signed up herself, my two granddaughters, and three of the grandparents for passes to where the snow line... — Updated 7/28/2023


How to flip flop a negative | Darn Wright

At some time or another during our work or volunteer times, we all have been victimized by them. Many years ago, when I was a supervisor for Washington's State Probation and Parole... — Updated 7/20/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

What we use to get around Mill Creek | Darn Wright

As you stroll or just sit and watch, it's entertaining to witness the assorted way people meander around Mill Creek. After many hours watching how people were getting around, I... — Updated 7/14/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

The evolution of our Constitution | Darn Wright

July 4th is the official day of our country's birth, and it's fitting we have some idea on how our country's 1787 Constitution came to be. The seeds were planted centuries before... — Updated 7/7/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Know thyself through journaling | Darn Wright

The setting is Town Center in Mill Creek, it's a sunglasses day and, with pen and paper ready, this journaling article began. I noticed two women at different tables, and my... — Updated 6/30/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Jane Austen: How not to be a father

It's a truth universally acknowledged that when fathers interact with their offspring, they should not be capricious with their playfulness, disciplining, loving, supporting, truthf... — Updated 6/23/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

For those who served, no vacancies | Darn wright

According to a post on the City of Mill Creek's website: "There is currently no additional space at this time. We will reopen the application process once the monument is able to... — Updated 6/16/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Those awes are all around us | Darn Wright

The doldrum days are out there. If you don't believe it, turn to Fox News, CNN or just listen to the negative people around you. And to help us turn away from the negative voices,... — Updated 6/9/2023


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