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 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion 

Dumpling Generation:  The specialty is HOT | Arts & Appetite

The experience of my recent visit to Dumpling Generation will only build on the original effusive review (April 2019). The dining room exudes the very reassuring combination of... — Updated 10/22/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion 

Spook-triffic Halloween times | Darn Wright

Today, let's witch-broom ride two years back in time and look at a specific day before we were hit by the gloom and doom of the microscopic Coronavirus – COVID-19 – that would... — Updated 10/22/2021


New resident in support of Benjamin Briles | Letters to the Editor

As a relatively new Mill Creek resident, I look forward to voting in a few weeks to retain Benjamin Briles to the Mill Creek City Council. My family and I moved to Mill Creek right... — Updated 10/22/2021


A voice in support of Mayor Pro Tem Vignal for Position 2 | Letters to the Editor

Our City of Mill Creek is a vibrant, engaging community - a destination for dining, shopping, parks, recreation, and for putting down permanent roots as a home/condo owner or... — Updated 10/22/2021


Looking forward to continued work with Mayor Pro Tem Vignal | Letters to the Editor

How do we decide who to vote for in local elections? All of the candidates seem to agree that we live in a great city and we want to keep it that way. How do we know who will do a... — Updated 10/22/2021

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion 

The meaning of the X | Moment's Notice

X – such a dramatic letter, mysterious, unique. Fewer than 2% of words in the English language use the x, and in Spanish, only words taken from indigenous languages or from Englis... — Updated 10/22/2021

 By Lila Johnson    Opinion 

Mill Creek Garden Club plants autumn colors

Mill Creek Garden Club's Garden Projects Chair Carol Taylor and new member Lois Harrison planted a bit of fall color at the Veterans Monument. Taylor coordinates with the City of... — Updated 10/22/2021

 By Christopher Kim    Opinion 

Preparing for the storm ahead | Editor's Note

I'll be honest, it's been a rough past few weeks for me. The dreary weather certainly doesn't help my mood, and I can almost physically feel the weight of this season adding some... — Updated 10/22/2021

 By Brian Soergel    Opinion

Sigars: So long to a writer's writer | Guest View

Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no money in my purse … wait, that’s another story. The one I want to relate today concerns one of my other favorite writers. It was some years ago that I... — Updated 10/15/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Finding history in Easton | History Files

Teresa A Anderson and I have been continuing to follow her father's travel journal from May 29, 1922. Herbert Anderson and Elias Gillette had driven from Queen Anne to Leavenworth... — Updated 10/15/2021


'We need to keep Stephanie Vignal on our city council' | Letters to the Editor

Stephanie Vignal eats, sleeps, and breathes the Mill Creek City Council on which she serves as Mayor Pro Tem. I frequently see her on my dog walking routes, either out for her... — Updated 10/15/2021


'Benjamin Briles gets my vote, and I believe he deserves yours' | Letters to the Editor

As a 36-year resident of Mill Creek, I urge voters to retain Benjamin Briles to the Mill Creek City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 2. I met Benjamin eight years ago when he moved in next... — Updated 10/15/2021

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Everything about Hawaii is comforting, even the food | Arts & Appetite

We in the Pacific Northwest are lucky to be as close as we are to Hawaii. It may be six hours away, but when you are talking about taking in the beauty and gratification of being... — Updated 10/15/2021


Editorial cartoon for week of Oct. 15

 — Updated 10/15/2021

 By Jim Miller    Opinion

Simple and inexpensive final farewells | Saavy Senior

Dear Savvy Senior, My husband and I are looking for the simplest and least expensive way to dispose of our bodies when we die. We hate the idea of wasting a lot of money on... — Updated 10/15/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Teaching critical race opinions or conjectures | Darn Wright

1984 opened our minds to the fact that “In the wrong hands – in Big Brother’s hands – all the control over our history, our past, makes it much easier to correct not only... — Updated 10/15/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

A shot against proven medical advice | Darn Wright

Due to the overwhelming medical advice at the beginning of the worst pandemic since 1918, and to protect every resident and city employee, our Mill Creek elected officials... — Updated 10/10/2021


Editorial cartoon for week of Oct. 8

 — Updated 10/8/2021


Where have the letters gone? | Ok Boomer, Ok Zoomer

Publisher Paul Archipley and Mill Creek Editor Christopher Kim are at opposite ends of the generational gap. Archipley is a Baby Boomer; Kim is a member of Generation Z. But they ha... — Updated 10/8/2021


'Benjamin Briles deserves your vote for City Council' | Letters to the Editor

During Mr. Briles’ doorbelling for City Council, we had the opportunity to meet him and hear his views. Every election cycle a worthy candidate emerges. Mr. Briles is that candidate. While discussing our City’s concerns, he pos... — Updated 10/8/2021


Thank you for article on Mixed: Coffee and Community | Letters to the Editor

I have been WAITING for restaurants in the area that have a proof-of-vaccination requirement! This is the first I’ve found, thanks to you. Please post any others. My 90-year-old mother needs gluten-free which Mixed doesn’t... — Updated 10/8/2021

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Rubber ducky at the beach; what's it all mean? | Moment's Notice

Walking along the beach the other day, a bit of bright yellow entered my field of vision. It caught my attention because on a Pacific Northwest beach in the fall, the colors tend... — Updated 10/8/2021


Mill Creek Women's Club begins

The Mill Creek Women's Club met for the first time in over a year on Sept. 15, at the Hilton Garden Inn. This is our 38th year. The COVID-19 protocol was strictly followed, and it... — Updated 10/8/2021

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

A first look, and a look back at some great returns | Arts & Appetite

The last few days of summer brought sunshine and an apparently universal impulse to get out and enjoy the sights and sounds – and tastes. With no shortage of options in our... — Updated 10/1/2021


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