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 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Big questions sometimes come from small people | Chuck's World

My grandson has been calling me spontaneously lately, something new. We talk once a day regularly, but he doesn't just call me out of the blue. Although a grandpa can wish. But he c... — Updated 1/15/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion 

What's wrong with this picture?

The crazy is so strong right now – I don't really want to add to it. I become frustrated, annoyed, irritated, and angry just like any other person, but I'd like to avoid tossing... — Updated 1/15/2021

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

There's no business like show business | Off Kilter

Today I'd like to give you a brief glimpse into the world of show business. Let me start by saying there are few places or experiences on Earth that have the peaks and valleys of... — Updated 1/15/2021


The Roller Coaster of Mores | A Moment's Notice

Who likes a roller coaster as much as I do? Strapped in tightly by a three-point restraint to a plastic seat, looking about anxiously from several stories high, anticipating (and... — Updated 1/15/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion 

Can you breathe yet?

It’s hard for me to avoid a metaphorical view of 2020 because I was a poet. To me, 2020 is a year that circles around oxygen and the fluid motion of waves, and 2021 is in the... — Updated 1/15/2021

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

The Problem with Christmas Music | A Moment's Notice

"A very merry Christmas And a happy New Year Let's hope it's a good one Without any fear And so this is Christmas And what have we done? Another year over And a new one just... — Updated 1/15/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

The one about the parking lot

I was standing in a parking lot last week, a dreary December afternoon, cold and wet, when I got the text message from my wife. I felt the phone buzz in my coat pocket as I chatted... — Updated 1/15/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Step back to go forward | Darn Wright

"Just sleep on it." Now what immediately pops into your mind? "Just sleep on it" was advice we all must have been instructed to do by love ones or friends when we had a problem or... — Updated 1/15/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion 

Let's put Washingtonians first

Often when I go out of state to be a keynote speaker or another guest speaker at various conferences I start my address: “I am from another state, and in this case Washington Stat... — Updated 1/8/2021

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

2020 was empathy training | Editor's Note

It is almost 2021. A new year. A shift in the calendar will at first seem inconsequential. Most of us will live the same life we were living before the new year: obsessive... — Updated 1/4/2021


Letter to Editor: Indoor dining ban should end

I own and operate three restaurants in Washington State, two in Snohomish County. The ongoing shutdowns of indoor restaurant dining has had a devastating effect on our businesses and our employees. Large stores retail stores contin... — Updated 1/4/2021

 By Paul Archipley    Opinion

Peace of mind

My father was a practical man. When I was young and full of myself, one of the first cars I bought was a 1960 Triumph TR3 roadster. Very impractical. It had removable side curtains... — Updated 1/2/2021


RN: Encouraging COVID-19 caution

By Cathy Johnson RN, Mill Creek resident Nurse Manager, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett I have been a nurse for many years. All of my experience has been in the hospital... — Updated 12/28/2020

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Keeping the Claus tradition alive

During Karen's and my planning stages for our 2019 Christmas open house, I was telling Joop Dejone, a very close friend of mine, about our yearly holiday gala and asked him if he... — Updated 12/27/2020

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Keeping the Claus tradition alive

During Karen's and my planning stages for our 2019 Christmas open house, I was telling Joop Dejone, a very close friend of mine, about our yearly holiday gala and asked him if he... — Updated 12/26/2020

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

A force of nature | Moment's Notice

Humans love a good hero. Admiration for others is in the place in our brain where fear and pain live – we have a visceral need to see the traits we admire in others because it makes us feel alive, hopeful. We are hard wired to re... — Updated 12/20/2020

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Mimicking the open door policy | Editor's Note

Transparency is definable, even though it is achieved differently by various agencies. In fact, Ballotpedia has a 10-point checklist on transparency. That list includes something... — Updated 12/20/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

The best show on TV is us | Chuck's World

I’ve been doing a few minor home repairs lately, which is an obvious sign of the apocalypse. I’m surprised the roads aren’t jammed with people leaving the city. There will be... — Updated 12/20/2020

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Insanity definitions | Off Kilter

Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." So what are some of these definitions? I’ll start... — Updated 12/20/2020


Mill Creek not accessible to public

Corruption reigneth supreme on every level of government including Congress, policing, businesses. It comes in many forms, but they are all unethical, immoral, and dishonest. Politics is the most corrupt “business” man has... — Updated 12/16/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

All the world's a stage | Chuck's World

I’ve determined that I’m not good at this, whatever this is. That’s part of the problem – being aware that I’m not great at navigating this particular situation isn’t... — Updated 12/11/2020

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

The breath of death | Darn Wright

“They” call it tyrannical behavior, which according to one source is “a cruel or harsh act or proceeding; an arbitrary, oppressive, or tyrannical action.” In November a... — Updated 12/11/2020


Why Providing Foreign Aid Boosts US Interests

It is easy to be consumed with how domestic action affects the US economy, but it is an essential practice to take a step back and realize what potential the rest of the world has to offer. Foreign exports in 2018 making up just... — Updated 12/11/2020

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

We need to talk | Editor's Note

Secrecy and privacy are different things, but sometimes they get muddled. We apply that precise understanding in the news business: an eye on that particular distinction. We are... — Updated 12/11/2020

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Pulling punches

Pull up a chair. Or don't. You are free to make your own decisions. Media. Information. Democracy. Freedom. It's all on the line right now, and surely you all see that, right?... — Updated 12/4/2020


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