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 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 26, 2019

Taking the first step

I heard two ugly travel stories last week, not very soothing as summer season takes off. Both involved planes that were supposed to be flying, and were not. Both of these people shared some details publicly, as people do, meaning that I am now... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    June 26, 2019

Things that simply don’t make sense

We live in very complex times. What I mean is that sometimes things get so complex as to defy logic. For example, did you ever consider traffic lights? There you are driving along at a moderate speed, then, as you approach a traffic light, a couple... Full story


Is the fat sticking to you really— inevitable?

Dear SharonAnn, I’m concerned about my 37-year-old daughter. She is always going on diets, losing a lot of weight, then over-eating and putting it back on again. Of course, I can’t tell her what to do, but I’m worried about the impact on her he... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    June 19, 2019

Sports and falls: Time to rant l Off Kilter

The Mariners and the Seahawks: For some reason, professional football seems to have taken the place of professional baseball in defining part of who a city is. Growing up in New York City, it was the Brooklyn Dodgers (when they were still playing at...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 19, 2019

Being in the dark, for a good reason l Chuck's World

On Sunday, Jan. 17, 1965, I joined my brother and sister in front of our black-and-white TV set to watch the annual showing of “The Wizard of Oz” on CBS. I’ve been alive long enough to recognize when I’m on shaky ground. My childhood... Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 12, 2019

Drop the toast and walk away slowly

I stopped eating sandwiches about 15 years ago. It was a peculiar life choice, as up until then I considered no food completely edible unless it could be placed between two pieces of bread, including soup. I was just swayed by all the low-carb noise... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    June 12, 2019

Truth (or consequences)

No, this column is not about the old TV show “Truth or Consequences.” Rather, it is about our perception of what is real and what is myth. I read both fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes, I have trouble differentiating what in non-fiction is not... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    June 5, 2019

Flori(duh!) l Off Kilter

Let me say, at the outset, that my wife and I lived in Boca Raton for six years just after I retired (for the first time). The weather was beautiful (other than from about mid-March to end of October, when the daily temperature and humidity were...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 5, 2019

Everything old is new again l Chuck's World

One cold winter’s day, wearing a bulky coat, I walked down a grocery store aisle and my sleeve brushed a display of wine glasses. There wasn’t enough contact to cause breakage. The metal snaps on my coat just nudged the glass, producing a clear...


In Lynnwood: The perfect potato – and much more | Arts & Appetite

Peruvian cuisine is known for its potatoes. After all, more than 4,000 varieties of native potatoes grow in the Andean highlands of Peru, Boliva, and Ecuador. But Rinconcito Peruano (loosely...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 29, 2019

Recalling the ephemeral age

I have a confession to make. I skim the news a lot more than I used to. I didn’t have to confess that to you specifically. I just felt like I should tell someone. Because keeping up with current events is part of being a good citizen, or so I...


Your body. Your choice. For life.

Dear SharonAnn, I am a baby boomer, my kids are grown and gone, and I'm watching my parents grow older. Sometimes my parents do silly things, like buying a thousand forever stamps because the price is going up. They'll save $13 over the...


Playing Hooky is an art

I can’t say with any definitive expertise about playing Hooky on the West Coast. I can speak with some authority about the game of the same name on the Other coast. To wit: Playing Hooky is the “art” of skipping school and doing something more...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 15, 2019

Making history the old-fashioned way

John Tyler was our 10th president, the first one not born an English subject, and the namesake of Tyler, Texas, about 100 miles southeast of Dallas. I suspect most of Tyler’s 100,000 residents are unaware of exactly who John Tyler was. This...

 By Michael Gold    General    May 8, 2019

Becoming our grandparents isn’t for chickens; and we need the eggs l Off Kilter

Michael Gold, a self-described “gadfly” who lived on the East Coast before moving to Mill Creek, then the Picnic Point area, is a serial entrepreneur who combines his East Coast/Left Coast perspectives to offer an “Off-Kilter” look at our... Full story

 By Michael Gold    General    May 8, 2019

Growing into curmudgeon hood l Off Kilter

As kids, we all knew an older person who lived in the neighborhood and would scream loudly whenever your ball wound up on their front lawn: “Get off my lawn!” That, to me, is the absolute definition of someone who has become a curmudgeon. There a...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 8, 2019

Pass on the password, please l Chuck’s World

It occurred to me a few years ago that if I’d known, as a little boy, that in the future I’d use so many passwords every day, I would have imagined a much cooler life. I’d be Steve McQueen or Sean Connery, wandering through my luxury apartment...


Picking your protein.

Excessive carbohydrate calories, especially from the simple sugars glucose and fructose, increase the risk for obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer. Cutting back on your daily carbs will mean increasing the fat and protein... Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 1, 2019

‘Endgame’: Marvel at this l Chuck’s World

I gave a friend a ride to the grocery store the other day, and while I was waiting for him to check out, I walked over to the DVD kiosk to look at titles. I never rent a film from one of these, but they’re good visual reminders of things I...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    April 24, 2019

I can see clearly now l Chuck’s World

I discovered a truism this morning, which is when I usually run across them. Life stops making sense around 1 p.m., in my experience, so the early mornings are when I look for insight breakthroughs. (I just realized that the above paragraph sounds...


Are you ready for change & success?

Dear SharonAnn, I’ve been thinking about quitting my corporate job and starting a business. I’m 48, my kids are launched, my spouse is happy in his work, we’ll be retiring in 15 years and I am restless for a new challenge. I want to make wise m...

 By Michael Gold    General    April 19, 2019

Off Kilter

Michael Gold, a self-described “gadfly” who lived on the East Coast before moving to Mill Creek, then the Picnic Point area, is a serial entrepreneur who combines his East Coast/Left Coast... Full story


For the love of trees at Cascadia Art Museum | Arts & Appetite

Cascadia Art Museum’s current exhibition, “Woodland Reverie: The Art of Helen Loggie,” surrounds you with trees, just like many of our favorite spots in Washington. Helen Loggie was born and...


Forty days and forty nights l Chuck's World

I have a story for the season. I’m not sure which season yet. It could be an Easter story, but then there’s already one of those. And sometimes people think you’re referring to chocolate bunnies, and it’s hard to construct a decent metaphor... Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    General    April 10, 2019

How to become a punch line without really trying l Chuck’s World

In the late 19th century, following the end of the Civil War, many southern states passed legislation and even amended their constitutions in order to prevent former slaves and their descendants from voting. These included poll taxes, literacy...


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