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 By Mike Gold    Opinion    February 7, 2020 

Off Kilter | The future of television

Since the widespread implementation of the internet, many of the things that have been in our lives for 50 years or longer are undergoing a radical change. Television is one of them. I was a kid when wide-scale nationwide television became a...

 By Mike Gold    Opinion    January 3, 2020

Being an athlete | Off Kilter

I’m certain that every little boy envisions themselves becoming the next Russ Wilson or Tom Brady. I can recall as a young man playing touch football on an empty lot in Brooklyn. It was a very small leap from playing this local game to imagining...

 By Mike Gold    Opinion    December 6, 2019

Off Kilter | The future of food retailing

A recent story about the Kroger supermarket group (Fred Meyer, QFC, Ralphs, and many others) is quite interesting. About 94% of Kroger revenue comes from food stores, so this announcement is a really big deal. Now when you read through what...

 By Mike Gold    General    September 5, 2019

Packaging l Off Kilter

I’d guess that most of us haven’t given much thought to packaging – unless and until you are asked to open something that you just purchased and that is contained in a modern package. A few days ago, I purchased some D-cell batteries. I brought... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    August 28, 2019

Every boy should have a band l Off Kilter

Every young man can probably envision himself as the next Beach Boys, Beatles or Rolling Stones. Why do I say that? Because that’s what I remember thinking when I was a young man. If you had any musical talent (in my own case, my father was a... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    August 21, 2019

Language – or how to get in trouble without really trying l Off Kilter

Over the years, it has occurred to me that language can be both unclear as well as clear and also funny. For example, when we say, “I’m having an old friend for dinner” does that mean that the friend needs to cancel the dinner appointment for...

 By Mike Gold    General    August 14, 2019

Road hazards l Off Kilter

This morning I hit a glancing blow to a deer. There I was driving within the speed limit, and off to my left side I thought I saw something moving. In fact, it was a deer, which proceeded to run directly in front of my car. I hit it with a glancing b... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    July 31, 2019

Volunteering l Off Kilter

I’ve volunteered some of my time for quite a long period. It started while I was still a relatively young worker. I was working at Raytheon in Waltham, Massachusetts, building anti-aircraft missiles (ground to air). At any rate, when the Raytheon... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    July 24, 2019

About stuff l Off Kilter

There is a TV show called “Hoarders.” It is about people who have a mental disorder that does not allow them to get rid of anything. You will see someone (usually the Real Estate agent charged with selling the property) walk in and be “overwhel... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    July 17, 2019

Animal trapping l Off Kilter

We’re in the process of building a new home. It’s located on a now empty lot down on the water in Edmonds. Turns out we have colonies of mountain beaver living underground on this parcel. They have lived in the Pacific Northwest for thousands of...

 By Mike Gold    General    July 10, 2019

Annual physical

OK, for those of you a bit squeamish, you need not read further. I just took my annual physical exam. Let me start with the “check in procedure.” First, you fill out at least a half dozen forms, of which most of the information requested is...

 By Mike Gold    General    July 3, 2019

Stephen Hawking: A brief history of time

We lost one of the most brilliant minds last year. Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76. This genius spent his entire academic career trying to explain the universe: Why it is, where it came from, what is its future? Hawking was, until recent... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    June 26, 2019

Things that simply don’t make sense

We live in very complex times. What I mean is that sometimes things get so complex as to defy logic. For example, did you ever consider traffic lights? There you are driving along at a moderate speed, then, as you approach a traffic light, a couple... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    June 19, 2019

Sports and falls: Time to rant l Off Kilter

The Mariners and the Seahawks: For some reason, professional football seems to have taken the place of professional baseball in defining part of who a city is. Growing up in New York City, it was the Brooklyn Dodgers (when they were still playing at...

 By Mike Gold    General    June 12, 2019

Truth (or consequences)

No, this column is not about the old TV show “Truth or Consequences.” Rather, it is about our perception of what is real and what is myth. I read both fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes, I have trouble differentiating what in non-fiction is not... Full story

 By Mike Gold    General    June 5, 2019

Flori(duh!) l Off Kilter

Let me say, at the outset, that my wife and I lived in Boca Raton for six years just after I retired (for the first time). The weather was beautiful (other than from about mid-March to end of October, when the daily temperature and humidity were...


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