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 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion    February 7, 2020 

Chuck Sigars | A simple gift in a troubling time

I said goodbye to two old friends last week, although it was hardly sad, and not really goodbye anyway. A favorite television show ended, for one thing. I watched the finale and appreciated the elegant closure, although I wasn’t sorry. The time...


Chuck's World | Living with the big chill

It’s a little cold, which is as cold as it gets where we live. To be fair, I mean. This region hasn’t seen single-digit temperatures in decades, and it’s not likely to in the future. We live in a relatively mild climate, and the earth appears...


Looking back, looking forward, looking up | Chuck's World

Three years ago, I thought I was so smart. It was a bad year, that one. Not only did a presidential election roil us in 2016, unleashing spasms of disbelief and nastiness, but we lost a bunch of people along the way. Beginning with the deaths of...


Chuck's World | The golden ticket is only a little gray

There are at least two axioms that I rely on in this life. There might be a few more. It’s possible there’s a box in the garage marked “axioms” that I’ve forgotten about. There’s a lot of stuff in the garage. But these are two truths...


Chuck's World | The detritus of the digital age

I was rummaging through the universal hall closet the other day, which in my case was an actual closet. In your case, it could be something else. You’ve got one, though. It could be an envelope or a storage locker. It might be an attic or a basemen...


Chuck's World: The Nostadamus of 1953

Does the name Doug Forcett ring a bell? I’m not suggesting it should. I had to look it up, and I’m writing this thing. Doug Forcett is a minor character on the NBC sitcom “The Good Place,” which is now in its fourth and final season. I kept h...


Chuck's World | Watching for the scary part

I should just take the week off. I don’t know anything about Halloween. Apparently I was sick the day they explained it. I understand the basics. I remember some fun Halloweens as a kid, going trick-or-treating as Zorro, as Superman, as a robot, an...


Keeping it clear and vivid for as long as possible l Chuck's World

I’d like to state for the record that I consider Alan Alda to be a national treasure. I’m going to write a bit about Alda, so I wanted to be up front about my personal feelings. I should probably also mention that I consider both “National...


Keeping it clear and vivid for as long as possible l Chuck's World

I’d like to state for the record that I consider Alan Alda to be a national treasure. I’m going to write a bit about Alda, so I wanted to be up front about my personal feelings. I should probably also mention that I consider both “National...


Lessons learned from a lifetime of Augusts l Chuck's World

“History never repeats itself,” Mark Twain once said, “but it rhymes.” Of course, if you believe the internet, Mark Twain said everything worth saying. Aside from a couple of nods in the direction of Abraham Lincoln, Twain pretty much owns...


It takes a village l Chuck's World

I don’t drink and I don’t play golf. They still let me come to Scotland. I spent the past two weeks in that wee country, although it’s really not that wee. I just like using the word. It’s a manageable country, though. Two weeks was... Full story


Finding my thin place l Chuck's World

I found myself face down on a beach last week, contemplating my mortality and talking to no one in particular, as there was no one in particular in my immediate vicinity. Or even not so immediate. I was pretty much alone, in fact, sprawled across...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    August 7, 2019

Friendship in the age of profile pictures l Chuck's World

I celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago, a remarkable one if an unremarkable number. I guess I could call it the best birthday ever, although you know what? I don’t keep that list, the list of favorite birthdays. It just felt as though it...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    July 31, 2019

This is how you go home again l Chuck's World

It’s an unremarkable place, even by the standards of nondescript architecture. A low-slung building with what appears to be a tin roof, a tourist stop just an hour away from the Grand Canyon, Black Bart’s Steakhouse sits just off Interstate 40... Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    General    July 24, 2019

Sexagenarian is not just a funny word l Chuck's World

Yearbooks have lost most of their power now. What used to shock me on the rare occasions when I ran across them, the stray moments preserved in handwriting, the DNA pressed between the pages, has become abstract now. It’s too far away, too remote...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    July 10, 2019

Looking at the big picture through older lenses

We entertained a couple of friends from out of town a few weeks ago, although I’m not sure how entertaining we were. We didn’t tap dance or anything. It wasn’t unusual. A high-tech conference in downtown Seattle will draw people from all over,...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    July 3, 2019

A modern life in airplane mode

A quarter of my life has passed without my father being around to hear about it. I used to enjoy calling him on Saturday nights, catching him up and just chatting about whatever, and for months after his death in 2003, I’d sometimes find myself...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 26, 2019

Taking the first step

I heard two ugly travel stories last week, not very soothing as summer season takes off. Both involved planes that were supposed to be flying, and were not. Both of these people shared some details publicly, as people do, meaning that I am now... Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 19, 2019

Being in the dark, for a good reason l Chuck's World

On Sunday, Jan. 17, 1965, I joined my brother and sister in front of our black-and-white TV set to watch the annual showing of “The Wizard of Oz” on CBS. I’ve been alive long enough to recognize when I’m on shaky ground. My childhood... Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 12, 2019

Drop the toast and walk away slowly

I stopped eating sandwiches about 15 years ago. It was a peculiar life choice, as up until then I considered no food completely edible unless it could be placed between two pieces of bread, including soup. I was just swayed by all the low-carb noise... Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 5, 2019

Everything old is new again l Chuck's World

One cold winter’s day, wearing a bulky coat, I walked down a grocery store aisle and my sleeve brushed a display of wine glasses. There wasn’t enough contact to cause breakage. The metal snaps on my coat just nudged the glass, producing a clear...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 29, 2019

Recalling the ephemeral age

I have a confession to make. I skim the news a lot more than I used to. I didn’t have to confess that to you specifically. I just felt like I should tell someone. Because keeping up with current events is part of being a good citizen, or so I...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 15, 2019

Making history the old-fashioned way

John Tyler was our 10th president, the first one not born an English subject, and the namesake of Tyler, Texas, about 100 miles southeast of Dallas. I suspect most of Tyler’s 100,000 residents are unaware of exactly who John Tyler was. This...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 8, 2019

Pass on the password, please l Chuck’s World

It occurred to me a few years ago that if I’d known, as a little boy, that in the future I’d use so many passwords every day, I would have imagined a much cooler life. I’d be Steve McQueen or Sean Connery, wandering through my luxury apartment...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 1, 2019

‘Endgame’: Marvel at this l Chuck’s World

I gave a friend a ride to the grocery store the other day, and while I was waiting for him to check out, I walked over to the DVD kiosk to look at titles. I never rent a film from one of these, but they’re good visual reminders of things I...


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